How to Build High Quality List with Effective Video Marketing

How do you build your list? Have you used video marketing to increase the number of your list subscribers? Video marketing is an effective tool to build high quality list. Among many others, list building using video marketing is fairly easy to do.

Here are some tips to build high quality list with effective video marketing:

Different audience will need different video

Before creating your video, you have to know your audience first. What is the niche that you target? What kind of audience that will potentially become your list subscribers? For example, if your target audience is women around 30-40 years old that want to lose weight, you should create a video that will effectively target those women. It can be in the form of tutorial or how-to advice. However, if you target 30-40 years old women, you can’t show 20 years old girl to guide them to lose weight. At least, you should choose mature woman as your partner in creating the video.

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Keep repeating the word “subscribe” in your videos

You should keep reminding your audience to subscribe to your mailing list in your videos. Give them your squeeze page URL as your video watermark. If you have 3-minute video, remind your audience to subscribe at least two times–in the middle of your video and in the closing of your video. Without doing this, your audience may just watch your video and they will be easily tempted to watch another video without subscribing to your mailing list. So, keep repeating it. Use similar fashion in all of your videos.

Create fast, professional, no-fluff video with 2-3 minutes duration

Don’t waste your time in talking about this and that in your video. Once you begin to record your video, say what you want to say, and speak only what’s important. The best performing videos that will give you lots of subscribers are short and catchy videos jam-packed with high quality information. Use one video only to explain one thing to your audience. For example, if you create a video about ‘how to do the right push up”, make sure to talk only about push up. Don’t talk about sit up or another form of exercise.

Give your squeeze page URL in the description

Your description should only consist of invitation to sign up to your mailing list. It is better for you to just put words like these in your description:

“For more tips and information about effective weight lost, sign up for FREE at [Your URL].”

Don’t add any other unnecessary information because all the necessary information is already contained in your video. You don’t want to spoil what’s inside the video to your audience. Let them watch your video.

Offer interesting incentive for your subscribers

Since you’re building your list using video, there is an interesting tip for you. Pick 5-7 of your best videos and offer them as bonus for your subscribers. This will attract people to your mailing list quickly and effectively.

Those tips will help you to build high quality list using effective video marketing. What you need to do is to create simple videos that will guide people to achieve something while repeatedly remind them to subscribe to your list.

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