Fmovies is the best movie downloading site for streaming movies for free.

In Today’s date, the entire streaming industry is filled with tons of websites that claim to provide its user’s free Movies and Tv shows over the internet. Out of all the streaming service providers, some of them require the user to purchase their subscription to watch their desired movies or Tv shows safely on various platforms, while others provide the same service for free of cost without any restrictions.

Since there are free websites available to watch Movies and Tv shows, you’ll most probably end up going with any one of them. However, it’s best to note that not all free Movies and Tv show streaming websites are safe to use. Therefore, you need to be careful and pick a website that’s reliable for streaming Movies and Tv shows over the internet.

Fmovies 2020

How To Watch Movies Online Free on Fmovies?

After going through tons of free streaming websites, we finally able to pick the best one that works flawlessly without causing any issues for the user. It’s a wide website called, Fmovies that has been in the industry for a lot of time. The website is used by millions of people from all over the world to watch their desired movies or Tv shows conveniently for free.

FMovies does outperform its competitors by improving the service frequently and by adding useful features to make the streaming process easy for the user. So far, there have not been issues or complaints raised against FMovies. Therefore, it’s safe to say that you can rely on FMovies to watch your desired movies or Tv shows or Web shows for free of cost on any of your devices such as Android, iOS, PC, etc.

But as the fmovies is free and they are showing copyrighted content on their site.

Movie streaming websites and movie companies are constantly cracking on fmovies.

Due to this their websites are banned and closed in many countries.

You can still use the fmovies proxy and fmvoies a new link for streaming.

The proxy is a site that can be accessed from a country in which the site is banned.

It is very difficult to find a proxy of fmovies on the internet because most people don’t know the actual sites.

But we have compiled a list of working sites on which it is working fine.

A list of working fmovies link is given below.


You can go to all links one by one and find out which link is working in your country.

At the time of posting all the links are working and are personally checked by me.

Why stream movies on fmovies 2020.

Have you ever heard of a movie stream site that has been around for 7 years now?

Well, that’s fmovie.

It is the pioneer in free movie streaming service, you can find all categories of movies and tv shows for free.

It can be accessed from all devices from a feature phone to your mac book.

Supported devices

  1. Android 2.3+
  2. Smart tv running on Android  4.0+
  3. iOS 10+ and all versions after iPhone 4s
  4. can be used on windows if you can browse the internet on it without any issues.
  5. How to stream fmovies 2019

Well, the process might change from device to device but it is pretty much basic.

The process of how to stream fmovies for free is given below.

First, open a VPN service in your android phone or iPhone.

There are many free VPN out there that can be used for streaming services.

You might go with any one of them. TurboVPN is a great option to go with.

After you have installed and completed setting up a VPN service you need to open a browser(preferably chrome).

Find fmovies on it. You can choose any proxy link mentioned above.

Just paste the link and you are good to go.

P.S don’t forget to use a VPN as it makes it safer while you are streaming the movie.

Features Of

You may check out the following list to know the features that you will get to experience on the website. Also, keep in mind that we’ve mentioned only the highlights of the website in the list below.

  • Variety of Content:-

FMovies has a lot of Movies and Tv shows to offer, from almost every genre such as Crime, Drama, Horror, Romance, etc. You will find tons of movies and Tv shows collection to browse pretty much in every genre.

  • Download & Save:-

You will also be able to download the Movies or Tv shows that you want to save on your local drive and watch it later without any internet connectivity.

  • New content regularly:-

New Movies and popular Tv shows are added on the website quickly after they’re released or aired on Television.

  • No Sign up:-

It does not force the user to go through the registration process or ask for unnecessary details. You will be able to start watching your desired content right after you land on the site.

  • No Restrictions:-

FMovies website can be accessed from anywhere in the world. There are no region restrictions, however, you may need to use a VPN to access from certain regions.

  • Low data

the website has a great feature in which you can stream movies and tv shows in ultra-low data. It is very useful when you are low on data or you are traveling abroad or when you don’t have a wifi connection

This has been recently launched to the website. This mode doesn’t compensate for the video quality for saving the data.

You can easily enable this more directly on the site

Remember to turn off this option when you are back in a strong wifi zone as it uses a lot of phone memory

To turn on this option you need to scroll to the bottom and find settings. This will take you to the next page where you can turn on this option.

How low data option works

Firstly whenever we search for movies the f movies show the fastest crawled movie without thinking about the size of the movie file.

When you are using low data mode it will take more time to show the most optimized file of the movie or tv shows.

On the other hand, the browser cache for the movie is not stored when we normally use the site. But in this mode, the browser caches the movie.

In other words, the browser store movie may decrease storage space.

It will be deleted as soon as you turn it off.

You can even delete the cache of your browser manually.

For that first, go to settings> Apps and noficiations> find chrome> force stop and clear the cache.

  • 4K Movies

You can find HD movies on many platforms but on the fmovies 2019 you can find movies in 2K as well as 4K video quality.

But don’t forget to be in a strong network while using the 4K mode as an average movie size range from 10-15gb which may cost you a lot of data.

4K mode can be turned on in most of the phone with a click of a button.

To change the mode to 4K or 2K just click on the settings icon and from there you can select your desired resolution

  • Free

You will say we know it all that’s the reason we are using it for the first place.

But you don’t know about it most of the movie companies put copyright infringements no free movie streaming site. So most of them want to make a big chunk of cash and leave but fmovies is nothing like it.

The site has been providing movies for free for years without even registration.

  • High-quality movies

Movies on the site have an incredible quality and are of the finest quality available on the internet. Well, thanks to the ultra-fast cloud servers of the fmovies 2019 which makes it possible to search the entire internet in the blink of your eye.

  • Built player

The site has a great built-in player that gives high quality and reliable movie streaming experience.

This player decreases the disk space due to its optimized server.

Is fmovies legal?

Well, watching movies or Tv shows or any other content on the FMovies website is considered to be piracy. However, the site isn’t doing directly technically, to mention. The website itself does not host any Movies or Tv shows or any other content on its servers. It simply acts like a Media Search engine that will redirect you to servers of others’ for streaming the requested Movie or Tv show.

However, it’s still best to hide your IP address to making use of a VPN connection while using the FMovies. Using a VPN connection will keep your online identity safe from threats.


Should I use fmovies

Well answer according to me is no.

The websites like this have a different approach to making money,

They make you install malware which shows ads even after you have closed the browser.

If you have noticed one thing the app says your flash player is outdated and when you update it takes you to any a site other than adobe.

The flash player we use is made by adobe and its only available on the official site thus that’s not probably a flash player well then what is it?

Well believe it or not it’s an adware.

It will show unwanted ads on your device.

According to my best practice to use fmovies 2019 is to use an adblocker plugin which will stop all ads

Alternatives To

Since it’s a free website, there needs to be some source of revenue required for the suitability of the website. Therefore, you will be flooded with advertisements whenever you search for something or start watching a movie or Tv show. As of now, the number of adverts shown on the website has gone exponentially high.

Hence, a lot of users have started searching for reliable Alternatives to FMovies, where the advertising isn’t as aggressive as FMovies. There are Sites like FMovies with minimum adverts and lets you watch your desired Title without any interruption. We’ve listed down the best FMovies Alternatives available on the internet.

The list may be further divided into more detail for android users

Movie streaming android apps


Very like Netflix, Moviebox is accessible for both Android just as iOS.

The user interface is simple and similar to Netflix and probably you won’t find any issues or bugs while using the MovieBox app. The app uses an advanced cloud user database which makes it fast and secure.

It runs very smoothly and the quality of the videos is incredible.

Even though, the app has its limitation which is the app works low resolutions. It can provide movies in 720p which is the maximum resolution of the app. But the bargain is still worth it instead of the viruses or paying for movies either.

Playbox HD:

It can be considered the best option for streaming movies and TV shows, the Playbox HD app works on both Android and iOS. It has the same interface to Fmovies only one thing is different which is the pale blue color of the header which makes the app different. As the name suggests, All the movies provided are in HD, accessible on either your cell phone, PC or any other Device which can emulate Android. Devices such as android TV or smart TV can be a great option for using the app as the playbox HD can work in high definition. It has no membership charge, you don’t need to pay anything extra for watching your favorite movies.

  • Top Features Works on Androids and iOS
  • Video streaming quality is incredible.

Official link of Playbox HD

Megabox HD:

This one is another great other option, for android users as this app is not accessible on ios.

It has an enormous rundown of  TV shows which you can watch with your friends and family. The app has a clean great and simple UI with all categories separated in a very clean and great way which encourages you to explore all your favorite movies and TV shows for free.

There are no issues found with the working of the application you would love the design and you will hardly find flaws in the app.

There are choices to pick somewhere in the range of 360p and 1080p relying on the quality and speed of internet connection you have.

Nonetheless, the best highlights I can add is the app is free from advertisement. And it enhances the user experience in all ways.

Download link of Megabox


One of the best android applications as it has support for Android, iOS mac and widows.

As interesting as its name, extremely easy to install and download. you can change its interface how you like it.

It has a close resemblance to the Fmovies site. The app is available in various languages like French Spanish English and a lot more.

You can find movies with subtitles of any desired language.

Showbox Download Link

It supports Smart TV and Android TV without any problems and issues. These are some other alternatives you can go with me.

  1. Put Locker
  2. 123Movies
  3. Movie Tube
  4. House Movie
  5. Download Hub
  6. GogoAnime (For Anime fans)
  7. Prime Wire, etc.

All the above-mentioned sites can be accessed and use for watching movies or Tv shows or Anime shows for free of cost. You don’t have to provide your card details or go through Sign up the process to utilize their streaming service. Make sure to check them out.


Well, that’s pretty much all we’ve got say in this article of FMovies.

By now, we hope you’ve got enough information regarding the website’s way of working and what it has to offer.

So here is a quick feature recap

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. No registration
  3. Subtitles
  4. Free
  5. Fast

As stated earlier, it’s best to make use of a VPN connection to access Fmovies via kickass proxies and the alternatives mentioned.
In case of any further queries or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comment section.

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