Is Moviezwap Safe For Downloading Movies?

As most of the buddies meet together and prefer watching movies in theaters and multiplex. Your friend might also approach you for movies on weekends. But, sometimes the movie tickets are not available, or the latest movies are not that interesting. Nowadays, you might have also heard from your friend about free Hindi movie downloading websites. Some websites provide pirated content, and others are third-party websites.

Such websites are Tamilrockers, Movierulz, etc. Although many individuals are aware of such websites because such websites save the money which you use for purchasing movie tickets. These websites are very popular, but still, people aren’t available to access them. Even if someone knows the way from accessing such pirated websites, the questions arise of safety and legal standards.

It’s not a hidden fact that many Indians are download different movies and web series through pirated websites. Due to which, such pirated websites are emerging in our country. Above all, there are billions of users of such pirated websites.

Therefore, you’ll get the answer to all your questions related to pirated websites. Today, we’ll deeply discuss Moviezwap, which is a popular Indian pirated website. We’ll also cover every aspect of this portal. You’ll be shocked to know that Moviezwap has over 2 million monthly Google searches and that too from India only. So, now you can understand the traffic base of this website.

What is Moviezwap?

Moviezwap is one of the most searched Indian pirated websites in India. When it comes to downloading the latest movies and web series for free, Moviezwap is the best website. This website has a wide range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Mostly this website is used for downloading Telugu and Tamil movies for free.

Moviezwap portal was launched in the year 2016, and within a couple of months, it became quite popular. No one knew that this website would become a serious competitor of Tamilrockers. In 2017, official Indian authorities flagged this website for uploading pirated movies and web series. Currently, Moviezwap is changing its proxy domain twice within a month.

As soon as you dive into this website, a ton of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu will appear on your screen. Most of the content of this website is pirated and pretty old too. You can even watch TV shows like WWE. Moviezwap uploads innumerable Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and English movies. Basically, this website provides Tamil and Telugu movies more rather than Bollywood content. Most of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies on this website are not the latest ones.

When Moviezwap Website Is Updated?

According to the latest reports, the monthly user traffic of Moviezwap is more than 1 million. To cater to the needs of users who are desperate to watch their favorite content, the developers keep on updating the URL and domain. Above all, there is an official Telegram page of Moviezwap, where the admins keep their users updated with all the latest updates and domains.

Moviezwap is a very simple website that follows the traditional user-interface. Users cannot perform any complex action on this website, like online streaming. This website has separate sections for South Indian movies, Bollywood, Hollywood, and web series. The best part of this website is you can even watch the movies with subtitles running at the bottom. This website doesn’t care much about the user experience. Due to which users somehow have to struggle while downloading their movies. It is not always possible that every movie has subtitles.

Does Moviezwap Ask Users To Login Or Signup?

Whenever you access such websites, various pop-ups and ads will appear on your screen. Such ads ask you to fill your personal details like mail ID and contact number. Remember, any pirated website will never store or ask your personal details. However, your data is still stored on their server. In simpler words, you’ll be not asked to signup or login. But, never click on those ads because they can significantly affect your website.

How To Download Movies From Moviezwap?

First of all, this article will only provide you the relevant details of this website. We’ll never mention any official URL of Moviezwap. Whether you access Moviezwap or not, it’s your personal choice. If you still want to download movies from this website, then follow the upcoming steps:

  • You have to open your web browser and enter the official working URL of Moviezwap. To find the URL, you can visit the Telegram page of Moviezwap.
  • Once you get the URL of Moviezwap, paste it on your web browser. You will find all the latest movies on their landing page. After that, you’ll also get a search bar to find your desired movie.
  • Just click on the ‘Download’ button, and your movies will be automatically downloaded on your device. One more thing, make sure you download the movie in HD quality.

Is It Safe To Download Anything From Moviewap?

Whenever we talk about pirated websites, this question always comes in mind. The simple answer to this question is ‘No.’ Now, let’s know why we should not download any content from such pirated websites. When it comes to security, Moviezwap is loaded with various fake ads that are very annoying and keeps on appearing on the screen.

One thing more, they never promise about user safety. In case if your data is leaked, you are only responsible for it. They clearly mention in their terms and conditions. The India Government has also banned Moviezwap for providing pirated movies and web series.

Therefore, if you access Moviezwap or any other pirated website, you are promoting crime. It means you are also an active member of such websites. However, police officers don’t arrest the users; they only search for the management team of such websites. But, no one knows, you can also be arrested. Yes, according to the rule, promoting the crime is not legal.

Therefore, stay away from such websites and shell out money if you are more interested in watching the latest movies.