If you are bored with the existing feature of iPhone 7and you are planning not to buy iPhone 8 due to its similar its similar feature of iPhone 7s, then this article may be beneficial for you. We have gathered all the information, rumors which are spread in the market about iPhone 8. And I know these iphone 8 features will definitely going to blow your mind.


Yes, more different sizes are available according to the need of buyers. iPhone adjusted each smartphone so that every buyer can buy according to their need. Source claim that iPhone 8 will come in three different models. There will be “premium” model, which will sport a curved OLED screen. Other two models will feature 4.7in and 5.5in screen sizes, and LCD display. Three different sizes to suit everyone’s need.


Technology is getting improved day by day, and home buttons are becoming so old fashioned. To improve this, Samsung already launched Galaxy S8 and S8+ with infinity screen feature. Now, Apple has also trying to recover this in his upcoming smartphone that is Apple iPhone 8. In iPhone8 it is expected that no home button is used apart from this virtual keys will be used. A super sensitive finger print sensor will be used along with face detection processor.


I know, all of us selfies addicts always check for the best camera in the mobile phones. It is rumoured that, iPhone 8’s camera will support 12 megapixel wide angle lens along with telephoto lens. Which means you can take pictures from larger distance, you will clearer and beautiful pictures. It is also been rumor that LG is working along with Apple on camera feature. So, we don’t need to worry about camera anymore. LG is creating a 3D picture camera, after that you can use those pictures in the mobile games or in videos. They seem like moving a cartoon character. If you are looking for some beautiful Apple Ringtone then do check the reference link.


Isn’t it interesting, that your mobile mobile phone gets charged up without using charging cable. Yup, Apple is including this feature in iPhone 8. Your phone gets automatically charged when its get in contact within 1.5 meter of diameter of any socket. It is assumed that iPhone 8 is going to be the most successful smartphone of 2017. It is also assumed that Airpods of iPhone 8 are also wireless. You just have to connect them with iPhone 8 and choose the song, no panic for solving the wires of earphone.

The whole body of the phone is made up of glass also it is waterproof. It can be in depth of 5 meters upto 30 minutes without harming any part of the iPhone 8’s body.

After listening to all the feature, my mind is already in full of excitement. Apple is going to announce its flagship in the month of September 2017. Estimations, shows that it is going to be the most successful smartphone of 2017. If you need more information about iPhone 8, then don’t forget to bookmark our page. Whenever we get any new notification about iPhone 8, we will update it. Till then, if you have any doubt or query you can comment below. We will respond you as soon as possible.

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