A world of useful applications is now available to travelers on their iPhones (and other smartphones). Have you enjoyed using any particular apps to enhance your travels? And, since we’re designing apps of our own: What features do you think the ideal travel app should have?

Trip Tracker

With this app, you can automatically get real-time world-wide flight status, itinerary alerts, live weather reports, route maps, hotel and car rental information, delay, cancelation and baggage claim checks and so on. This app will even factor your frequent flier miles into flight into.



If you want to create a quick travel itinerary including flight reservations, hotels and car rentals, this app will do it for you. You can use this app to tag and import your favorite things. You can also create an event flow for your trip along with maps to understand travel timelines.


This cool app helps you tag and store your travel documents; photos, PDFs, scanned docs and so on. All files are synched with your computer so that you have a ready backup. It can even capture the text from a picture; create audio notes and so on for quick use.

Flight Track

At a glance this app will tell you which gate your flight will leave from and arrive at, what kind of aircraft you’ll be flying and so on. You also get flight ETAs for takeoffs, arrivals, cancelations, delays and much more.

Road Trip Lite

This app also provides the fuel prices you’ll be expected to pay on your route, along with price variation graphs. All this information will help you know how much you’ve spent on fuel so far on your trip and how much more you’ll have to spend till you reach your destination.

Healix Travel Vaccinations

A very important aspect of travel planning is being up to date on vaccinations. You just input the name of your destination and you get an update of the latest disease outbreaks there and the latest vaccinations you need. You’ll also get the latest on travel health risks and advice.


With this app, you can now find and book reservations at any hotel you want anywhere in the world. Just select your location, input your checkin dates, number of people and you will get a list of hotels that suit your needs, along with hotel pictures and maps.


This app gives you a list of all the airlines flying to your destination with prices. You can see the price difference by checking the multiple booking ways this app gives you, such as Expedia.com.

Trip Advisor

Use this app to search for flights to your destination, along with restaurants, attractions and hotels at your destination. This app provides you with detailed reviews along with photos to help you decide.

Travel Money Monkey

No matter where you plan to travel, this app will give you the exact currency conversion rates at the given time, along with the latest and best foreign exchange rates. You can even order your funds and pick a suitable method for collecting it as well.


This is your best road trip pal – it searches through Google Maps to find restaurants, post offices, gas stations and everything you need while on the road.


Use this app to find great restaurants wherever you are, based on what you want to eat at that point. You can also use this app to check out prices, compare reviews and then decide where to eat.

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