9apps is one of the major online tools to download each media file for entertainment, work, office, games, education, wallpaper, design as well as a mobile application, etc. This is a new platform is ready to offer you all new and latest with the most trendy feature application that is nowhere accessible on 9apps. You can here explore and then also get to know about the app.


9app is one of the major applications that is currently being quite popular because of its feature that permits you to get all kinds of applications that are suitable to android as well as iOS. You only require downloading this app from its website which is www.9apps.com. This site is quite popular and this site only helps you in downloading the app. 9app is not accessible on any if a proper app store so you need to just simply click on this link to get 9apps in your device. This is one of the app stores that are accessible on the internet. It will deliver your latest technology with smooth features.

9Apps Download Link

You will be able to get the rating of this app this is such the pleasure to have the app in your device. Numerous offers are here accessible for you to get new things in your device. Fast browsing is another best feature of this app. One of the fastest apps you will ever get. You can easily here download free stickers, apps, wallpapers, and games also. Just click to the link which is being here above. Small format apps are here accessible like whatever app you are searching on the app store or Google store, you will get apps from 9apps very easily in a small size that will be fitted on your device without slowing down the procedure of your device. You will be able to perform good things through this app 9apps are all user-friendly apps along with innovative content. You were here exploring as you are going to know about any kind of app that was mainly not yet seen by you so you can download it from this app.

9Apps Apk | Fast Download Install Apps & Games From 9Apps:

When you want to download this app, you will have to make sure that you follow a few steps.

The first thing that you want to do is to open the Google browser and then type 9 apps in the search box

Then, hit the search button for getting the desired result

After that, you will have to enter the official website of 9apps

Then, press the download button

Once the application has downloaded

After that, click on the install button and then get the final installation done on the device

You can also use the app store to download your preferred games and application with ease

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Features of 9apps Apk:


This is mainly like the proper search engine in which one can search for different Apps.

All the Apps can be downloaded after searching by a single click.

Any searched app can be easily downloaded by a single click.

All the apps are also displayed on the screen, the only thing needed is to scroll the button in different directions to search the App or see different Apps available.

Almost all of the apps are accessible in 9 App as All in one App Store.

9App can be downloaded on any desktop or android mobile or tablet.

After downloading this appears as an icon on the screen

In 9Apps all Apps present are displayed in icon forms with the capacity they need in mobile or desktop to be downloaded.

One can download any number of Apps but daily 3 Apps will be displayed in each category.

The new apps will be under every category and then old will not be displayed.

So, every day one can see new Apps and can download, to get them permanently on the desktop or mobile.

New Apps will be accessible to all subcategories also such as Games, Movies, Sports, and many more to list with.

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Knowing About the Advantages:

Searching the needed App or seeing different Apps available is very easy by scrolling.

Every app under 9apps is accessible when the internet connection is given.

This takes a simple click operation to download the selected App.

Another benefit of 9Apps is the total capacity of a few apps to be downloaded will be displayed with the App.

So the App to be downloaded from 9Apps can be recognized well in advance and that much space can be easily freed to download the selected App.

This is mainly a new generation App applicable to be downloaded in all desktops or even modern mobile with android software.

All Apps under one 9App App is a very powerful tool to download any kind of App displayed by clicking at the icon needed.

Small Size:

The first and major reasons for the popularity are its small size. Owning to the small size, the specific app store can be fitted easily to the memory of your device. You will be able to download the same without even worrying about the space.

Offline Installation:

If you are opting for the proper feature, you will have to make sure that you choose 9apps. This is one of the excellent apps that allow proper offline installation. If you do not have a strong internet connection, you will be able to install it as well.

Unlimited Downloads:

Once you download 9apps Apk, you would be able to download any kind of movie, songs, series, videos, and many more things. The app allows you to download anything you want. Apart from that, the app is safe and secure as well. This is fully protected and free of viruses and malware as well. Apart from that, you will not have to face any hassle whenever you are going to download any kind of videos or movies.

The exact procedure for downloading 9apps.

9apps for android

First of all, you need some tweaks to use Showbox for android.

Go to the settings of the app.

Find the security and location of your phone.

There you can find an option named “UNKNOWN SOURCES” by default it’s turned off because in most stock android phones.

But you can turn it on if you are sure the app is safe.

This is done by Google because there are many apps which are not safe to use.

You can trust on 9apps for installing.

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9apps for pc

9apps is the best alternative to the play store of android. In the 9apps application, you can download all the apps which are present on the Playstore as well as the apps that are not available on play store like vidmate. The apps like vidmate are not present on the play store as it doesn’t compile with play store’s program policies. It also provides apps that are paid on play store for free or there modded version.

9Apps for Windows 10

Now the thing is windows and mac are the most primitive and most used operating systems. People who use to do mobile gaming with high graphics or use their smartphones only business purposes are getting difficulty in downloading the modded versions to their windows or mac machines. People who are having low internal storage or ram storage have only two options to play their games either to buy an expensive smartphone or switch to the pc version but I got a solution for all these problems.

Now, people, the solution to all this is 9apps for pc. The 9app is originally developed for the Android operating system but there is an alternative that I am gonna tell you to download the most famous alternative to play store to your windows or mac machines.

First thing, first you have to install software from the below link

  1. BlueStacks download
  2. Install BlueStacks in your machine by clicking on the above button.
  3. There you will get two options windows and mac options.
  4. Click on the side of your operating system.
  5. After installing an android emulator on your pc you have to download the 9apps apk to your pc.
  6. To install 9apps apk either click on the link below
  7. 9apps apk
  8. Now go to the download folder of the browser and you will see the apk with the BlueStacks logo.
  9. Click open that apk file and it will install on the BlueStacks emulator.
  10. It may take up to 5 minutes depending on your network speed.
  11. 9APPS will automatically launch after installation.
  12. Now give all the required permissions to run 9 apps properly on your pc.
  13. Enjoy !!!

Faqs of 9apps app

faqs of kickass proxy

1. Are 9 apps legal to use?

Yes, it is completely legal to use 9apps its just an alternative to play store.

2. Are 9 apps available on the play store?

No, it is an alternative to the play store and doesn’t compile with the play store policy.

3. Is it safe to use 9apps?

Yes, it is completely safe to use 9 apps but the apps it host should be downloaded on your own risk.

4. Which are the apps available on 9apps?

the app contains apps that are not usually available on the play store and the free version of apps that are paid on play store.

5. Is 9apps also available for my ios device?

Currently, it is available for only android devices and soon there may be a version available for 9apps.

6. Which Android device is compatible with 9apps?

Nearly all the Android versions are compatible with 9apps.

7. Apart from the paid apps what else do the 9apps offer?

the app offers ringtones wallpapers and many other interesting apps.

8. How much space does this app store require?

Its file size is just 2.3 MB so its very small in size to run.

9. Will it send me some annoying notifications?

No, its user is quite sincere and take care of there users.

10. How to keep 9apps updated?

If there is an update for 9apps the app will automatically check and notify you.

More on 9apps download

9apps is the only app store that is loaded with features that you will not find in the play store.

  • Apps on this app store are just one click away.Here you can find millions of apps with just one click.
  • Apk files on 9apps are completely verified and are free from malware and virus.
  • On the 9apps platform, you can find the previously developed apps.
  • Available apps can be downloaded by just one click and you can install it any time by clicking on the apk file.
  • A good categorization of apps, games, etc.
  • You can find a separate section for modded apps.
  • Paid apps can be downloaded from the base app section for free.
  • 9apps display apps in the grid as well as in the list form along with the apk file size, icon of app and android version it is compatible.
  • Very nice description of the app’s download area.
  • The rating of the apps is very true.
  • It doesn’t work in the background.
  • 9apps works when your internet data is connected.
  • The dark mode is available.
  • It gives an extra option of storage space which shows you the available space on your android phone.
  • 9apps comes with auto cache cleaning and ram cleaner that you can enable from settings.

Alternative to 9 apps:-

Slide me:- 

It is the oldest of all the app stores for Android even it is older than google play store.

You can pay here by PayPal for your favorite app.

Amazon app store:-

It comes from the giant next to google THE AMAZON

here you can find apps that are not available on play store and even apps with some discounted rates.

One Mobile market:-

This is the best alternative to 9 apps and even to the play store as this is one of the largest app stores after 9 apps and is very much similar to play store and 9 apps store.

Samsung galaxy apps:-

This is the app Store that you will find exclusively in Samsung phones as an alternative to play store.

Mobile 9apps:-

It is very similar to the social network where millions of users post there apps as a solution for many problems.

Any developer can upload to there servers and its even very easy to download.

It’s quite unsafe to run an app that has an unknown developer like this app.

Get jar:-

It is an app store that was initially developed to provide the .jar file which was like an app to featured phones but knows they also upload some apks of very common android apps.

Wrapping up:-

Speaking 9 apps is the best app store you can ever find for Android.

Let us have a quick recap of its features that makes a step ahead from play store:-

  • Dark mode display.
  • Millions of apps from different categories.
  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Every app in a very categorized manner like apps with games in one category and the apps with a free version in another.
  • Easy to download requires just one click to download.
  • the app shows some apps that how much space this app requires to run on your smartphone.
  • 9apps also have a data saver option which makes it not to use data from the background.
  • In 9 apps you can enable an option to save the device space by deleting unnecessary files and cache data.

After these stunning features, i don’t think there is any other app store other than 9apps which provides these features to users.

I hope you liked the post.

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