MovieRulz is a popular online streaming site where newly released Indian Movies and Tv shows are uploaded in good quality on a daily basis. It’s an ideal website if you would like to watch Bollywood or Tollywood movies without having to pay any charges or membership fees. Today, in this article, we’ll be sharing all the information that you need to know regarding the MovieRulz 2020 website and how you can make use of it in the best possible way.

A lot of online streaming websites have stopped working or blocked from accessing in India due to various copyright and licensing issues. As a result, most of the users were not able to access free streaming platforms on their devices in India. However, MovieRulz is still going strong despite the restrictions and bans applied by the Government to stop such platforms from providing Movies and  Tv shows streaming services for free.

What is MovieRulz Website 2020?

MovieRulz is one of the oldest online streaming websites, ideal for Indian audience. If you’re from India and would like to watch various Movies and Tv shows from Bollywood or Tollywood, then MovieRulz is a perfect place. The website of MovieRulz offers simplified streaming of your desired Movies and Tv shows for free cost on various platforms such as PC and Smartphones.

In fact, you can also download your favorite Movies and Tv shows from the website itself and save them on your local drive to watch later without internet connectivity. There are a lot of useful features on the MovieRulz that are made available to enhance your streaming experience without any interruptions. Go ahead and check out the following section to know the features of MovieRulz website.

MovieRulz Website Features:


If you’re someone who cannot end their day without watching a Movie or Tv show, then MovieRulz would be the best choice. In the following list, we’ve highlighted all the features that you would get to enjoy on the MovieRulz website. Make sure to stick with the article till the end before heading to the MovieRulz site.

  • Watch any Tv show or Movie on your PC or Smartphone for free on the MovieRulz website.
  • You can add subtitles to your Movies and Tv shows by going into the settings menu.
  • Change the quality of stream to 1080p, 720p, 480p whenever you want without any issues.
  • Download and save your desired Movies and Tv shows titles on your storage card to watch later,
  • New Tv shows and Movies are uploaded regularly on the MovieRulz site for free.
  • No need to Sign up or Login on the website to start watching your desired Movies or Tv shows.
  • MovieRulz will not you for your card details or complete surveys to start streaming, it’s completely free.
  • Find information regarding the Movie or Tv show on its description page if you’re unsure.
  • You can also request for new Movies from Bollywood, or Tollywood or Hollywood to be added.

The above list of features should give you enough reasons to try out the MovieRulz website for watching Movies and Tv shows over the internet. Go ahead and check out the following section if you need instructions on how to use the MovieRulz website.

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How To Watch Movies Online For Free?

MovieRulz does not require any kind of installation or setup to get started. It’s an online website where you can immediately start watching your desired Movies or Tv shows without any additional setup. You may proceed with the following instructions if you would like to watch a Movie or Tv show on MovieRulz site.

Go to the official site of MovieRulz-> Select any Movie or Tv show title from the recommendation section or search for your desired title on the site->Open the Movie or Tv show title description page> Tap on the “Play” option to start streaming your requested Movie or Tv show on the website.

You can find general information such as genre, cast, resolution, release date, etc of any Movie or Tv show on its description page. In order to download the Movie or Tv show, you just have to select the server and resolution on the description page. That’s it, the download will begin automatically on your device.

Movierulz2 New website List in 2020

• Movierulz.plc
• Movierulz.hd
• Movierulz.vd
• Movierulz wap org
• Movierulz.pz
• Movierulz.pc
• Movierulz.ce
• Movierulz.vpn
• Movierulz.hs
• Movierulz wap
• Movierulz.pen

MovieRulz Website Alternatives:

MovieRulz Website Alternatives

In case if you don’t like the MovieRulz website or if you don’t prefer using it, then check out the below mentioned alternatives to MovieRulz. The list of websites mentioned below can be used to watch various Movies and Tv shows for free of cost on any device.

  1. 123Movies:- One of the most popular online sites to find newly released Movies in various countries. 123Movies is known for providing high quality Movies and Tv shows on the website for free to its users. Go ahead and check the 123Movies to easily stream your desired Tv shows or Movies.
  2. FMovies:- FMovies is a well known website, which is used by millions of users from all over the world for streaming popular Movies and Tv shows over the internet. If you’re looking for a clean and friendly interface, then FMovies would definitely be the perfect choice.
  3. PrimeWire:- Watch or download any Movie or Tv shows released in the last couple of decades for free of cost on the PrimeWire website. You can also add subtitles to your stream if you’re watching an international Movie or Tv show for easy understanding.
  4. SolarMovie:- SolarMovie is an excellent site with appealing interface to ensure smooth navigation across the website. You will find tons of Movies and Tv shows in almost every genre on the SolarMovie website. Simply select the tile and start watching it without any surveys or ads.


MovieRulz is undoubtedly the best website that you can rely on to watch Hollywood, Bollywood and Tollywood Movies for free of cost. However, you can also try checking out the alternative sites mentioned in the article if you’re not satisfied with MovieRulz site. Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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