Kickass proxy torrents ultimate list is here.

Torrents are the best source to download movies, TV shows software and other software for free.

And when we think of torrents the only name which comes to my brain is kickass torrents.

But for a while, as Kickass torrent sites are getting banned the only option left is the torrent proxies of Kickass.

Whenever there is a problem is using Kickass sites, proxies are available through which users can get torrent files. These Kickass proxy sites help in downloading torrents.

There are a host of torrent files in these sites and therefore, downloading favorite content has become an easy task.

For frequent users of the torrent, Kickass is among the popular websites to download files.

Kickass Proxy 2020 working list

Kickass Proxy Working List

However, Kickass offline content was also available, and it came into being due to increasing copyright issues. So, after the original Kickass website has been banned, several mirror sites came into being making it easy for users.

But most of the sites are full of malware and pop-under ads.

Thus we have compiled a list of best working Kickass proxies lists.

The KickassTorrents also is known as KAT that can be considered among the best Torrent sites.

With the help of Kickass Torrents,  users can download Torrent files by easy file sharing via BitTorrent protocol.

Working KickassTorrents Proxy and Mirror sites:

To access any blocked Torrent sites, proxy and mirror sites are the safest bet. Unfortunately, some mirrors and proxies also have been blocked by ISPs. When users are about to access mirror and proxy sites, they should check the authenticity of the site.

If users are trapped for using a fake site, it might infect the device from which they are accessing the site. Therefore, before accessing any proxy or mirror site, it is better to research it well to preventing affecting the device and losing important data. So, when KickAss is blocked in your region, the proxy sites are a savior, and some of them are listed in the following part.

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List of Kickass Torrent Proxy sites


However, these sites offer free accessibility, and they are safe. Some KickAss alternatives are Torrentz2, Lime Torrents, 1337x, and others through which users can download torrent files.

List of working proxies

To access any blocked Torrent sites, proxy and mirror sites are the safest bet.

Unfortunately, some mirrors and proxies also have been blocked by ISPs. When users are about to access mirror and proxy sites, they should check the authenticity of the site.

If users are trapped for using a fake site, it might infect the device from which they are accessing the site. Therefore, before accessing any proxy or mirror site, it is better to research it well to preventing affecting the device and losing important data. So, when KickAss is blocked in your region, the proxy sites are a savior, and some of them are listed in the following part.

Torrent proxies are the sites that can by a normal browser just by browsing the site but care must be taken while browsing such sites as these sites may be spooned by hackers.

You can use a VPN or a network of proxies for browsing such sites.

featrues of kickass proxy

Features of Kickass torrent proxies

The proxies of Kickass are not the same as other torrents.

They give you plenty of features over other sites

Malware free

The sites given in the list are completely tested by our team and are completely malware-free.

Please do not directly install any .exe file without checking the size of the file.

Most of the setup files are 30 Mb thus any software below this can be malware.

As of the time at which the list is updated these proxy sites are free from any kind of virus.

Fewer ads

These sites have fewer ads than any other torrent sites.

And most of them have contextual link thus they are safe to use and they don’t irritate as much as the other sites do.

More files

Kat proxy is the biggest torrent site available on the internet.

After the was banned it is the largest torrent serving site on the entire internet.

It has been serving over 80 million users around the globe every month.

This is because the torrent site provides free movies & tv shows along with all types of songs and software for both android and windows.

Simple UI

UI of kickass is pretty easy to understand and as ads are low in number the user experience is greatly enhanced.

You can even use a more simplified version of the site just by adding m.siteyouarebrowsing

Or you can switch to the reading more on the computer.

The layout has recently been updated which has bigger buttons for better navigations.

In the new layout, you can easily find the buttons for downloading torrents and also for direct download.

Mining free

Most of the people don’t know that 1337x and other sites which you browse uses your computer or device as host for mining purposes.

What is mining

Mining is a process of creating different cryptocurrencies.

The currencies are created in blocks.

You will get a fraction of bitcoin for creating each block

This needs a lot of resource computers.

Most of the torrent sites use your computer as the host computer.

This actually degrades your computer as it requires a high amount of energy.

Thus in total harms your device.

As this can be done just by a simple javascript you won’t even know it until you check it by your own.

Another characteristic is you can check your feature if someone is secretly mining on your device is to check whether the phone gets hot or starts showing lags.

Kickasstorrents Proxy is 100% SAFE and secure.

Torrent and direct download feature.

In most of the torrent sites, the biggest problem is to find a download button because most of them are loaded with ads.

But in KAT proxy torrents you can find the easy download button.

Now you can find the green color download button on the site.

The other great feature you can get with kickass proxy is you can find is DIRECT DOWNLOAD FEATURE.

You can also find it on big websites like ISOHUNT.

Advanced search feature.

Most of the torrent lack this feature. This is an exclusive feature of kickass.

You can search the entire internet in a single click.

  1. For trying this you can first click on the search feature,
  2. Click on advanced search.
  3. You will be redirected to the next page.
  4. Here you will plenty of options to choose from like the type of file country seed and a lot more.

List of KickassTorrents Alternatives:

  1. The Pirate Bay

Among Kickass Torrent alternatives, The Pirate Bay is a good option.

But unfortunately, many ISPs have blocked the domain site of the above said alternative. Users are still able to get access to the site via secured VPN service or proxy sites. The above-said torrent search engine is among the most popular ones.

  1. 1337x

For users who are fond of using KickAss and Pirate Bay must be aware of the above said one. For downloading a torrent file, 1337x is a suitable choice. The file-sharing via this alternative is secured. Similar to other torrent search engines, this one also has an easy interface for users. In addition to this, magnet files and torrent files can be searched with the help of this search engine.

  1. TorLock

For downloading high-quality torrent files along with magnet links, this torrent site is a good option. Users can download movies, games, software, movies along with recent TV series free of cost from this torrent site. This is among the verified torrent sites that are suitable for users who are trying to download torrent files for the first time.

Why People Tend to Use Proxy Sites?

Though many torrent sites are available these days, it is not safe to use them as government authorities are banning them for privacy issues. As plenty of privacy content is made available for free in the proxy sites, they are blocked by higher authorities.

Among all, Kickass Torrent site is one such that has a huge number of users. But to be available to users, Kick Ass torrent is changing its domain frequently making it easy for users as well. So, most KickAss users have to look for different domain names after a few days.

In some countries, sites are blocked, preventing users to its access. They can be even more problematic as users cannot open the sites. These situations have actually given rise to the introduction of proxy sites. Regular software, application, games and other files are updated on a daily basis in KickAss Torrent sites. Also, the sites are maintained in such a way that users can download files easily from its main page. In this way, several options for mirror and proxy sites continue to come up.

What do users understand by KickAssTorrents proxy mirror sites?

As the name of the site goes, the mirror and proxy are said to the ones that are designed similar to its original version. As original sites are blocked by government agencies in many countries, users can download torrent files from the mirror or proxy sites.

Before using the mirror or proxy site, the request for the same goes to mirror the main server. It is the proxy server that alters the IP address and instead creates a new one and directs the user to the target address.

Is using kickass proxy legal?

Well, it is a tricky question.

different countries there are different rules and regulations.

For countries like the USA and India, it’s illegal but nobody has time sue you for using torrent.

But in countries like Russia, it is completely illegal and you may have to pay the penalty or they may also put you behind the bars.

For using torrent one must use a network of VPN for safety purposes.

Please use a stable VPN while browsing any torrent site in India or any other country.

Is it Safe to Download a File via KickAss Torrent Site?

In Torrent site, you can get access to plenty of applications, software, movies, games, and other files. In addition to this, you can also get paid files that might involve problems of piracy. Therefore, users have to be careful when they are using Torrent sites.

To help users in easy access of Torrent sites, a smart way of hiding IP address have been introduced with the help of VPN converter. Plenty of free VPN working software is available through which users can download Torrent files.

Therefore, It is recommended that users start using KickassTorrents sites, they should download a VPN converter for safe and secured downloading of required files. So, after users change VPN, it becomes easy to browse the proxy site of their choice.


We have added a new list of kickass proxy 2020 updated version

This is the most extensive version of kickass torrents



This is the lastest kickass torrent site for the USA is discussed below. well, there are many websites which gives links to working sites but most of them are closed. but we have got it from the latest news. faqs of kickass proxy

FAQS of kickass proxy

How to use torrents efficiently?

The best way to use torrent is to find the torrent file and download it using zbigz. It’s a free site that transfers the file to their server and then you can download it anytime to your local pc.

But the only downside if this website is has a limit of  1 GB only you cannot download any file lager than one GB for free.

To download files larger than 1gb you need to by there subscription of one month which is 12$ for one month.

Are torrents harmful?

Yes, some torrents may harm you and your security in many ways.

Most of the torrents are zip files and they are not scanned before they are downloaded. Thus they may have ransomware and other viruses or adware.

They may harm you and your privacy.

Now how do they harm us?

Its simple they add keyloggers that copy all your credit card details and personal passwords.

They use all these passwords to steal your money. And to tell your information on the dark internet.

Tvtap is a great app to down movies and TV shows which is more safe.

Best torrent software?

Well, there are may client protocol software like Utorrent, BitTorrent but according to me, Utorrent is the best of all as its free easy to use with all your favorite features in single and tabulated form.

Plus the frequency of the ads in Utorrent is way fewer than any other software.

How to download torrent file faster?

Well, we have already discussed one way to download the torrent file fro kickass proxy sites.

Here is another one.

There is a free website called seedr it helps you to download your favorite movies tv shows and other software for free.

The question is how it helps to download the file. It is a free service that downloads the file from the host seeded pc to your pc and downloads it to yours which makes it faster.

There is a limit of downloading sites for one month which is 2.5gb.

But there is a glitch that it is you can create unlimited accounts and download every new file every time from the new account.

  • Now, here are a few more tricks you can use.
  • Browse torrent sites in wifi.
  • Use a strong wifi
  • Clean your browser cache
  • Use a high-speed torrent file.
  • You can use client sites like zbigz and

Is kat proxy mobile friendly?

Yes, kickass proxy sites are 100% mobile-friendly with easy to navigate user interface.

These are one of the fastest torrent sites after torrentz. The UI is really incredible.

Can I download torrent files directly?

Yes, many torrent sites like ISOHunt can let you download all files.

But other torrent sites are not as friendly they don’t let you download easily.

We don’t even suggest you download files directly. Because in many countries it may be illegal thus torrent download is much safer.

Wrapping it up

Quick Recap of features kickass proxy list

  • Safe than other torrent sites
  • Free
  • Few ads
  • Better search engine
  • Simple UI
  • Smart downloads.

Therefore, most of the mirror and proxy sites are secured and safe to download torrent files. These give users a similar experience to that of the original KickAss Torrent site. Other than the above-said torrent alternative, users can try iDope, Yify Torrent / YTS and ExtraTorrent. For more safety, It is advised to use some VPN converter that is able to hide the user’s IP address. This prevents direct attacks on torrent sites that users are not able to see.


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