Today computer generation is completely based upon the Internet. A computer without Internet is like a body without soul. Internet is needed for almost everything, updating the softwares, downloading music, videos, movies, blogging, reading etc. Internet is provided by ISPs, the speed of your Internet connection completely depends upon the ISP. Some ISPs provide really lightening fast Internet connection while some are as slow as snail. Well, in case your ISP provides you slow Internet, better don’t worry because we have compiled the list of Top 5 Ways to Increase Internet Speed. The tips mentioned below are the tested ones; you can completely rely on them for guaranteed success.

Tips to Get Faster Internet Connection

3rd Party Softwares

Making use of 3rd party softwares can help you a lot. The speed which you will get from the main server is fixed, but you can deviate it all to one point and get the maximum response. There are certain 3rd party softwares which allow you to do this. Cheat Engine is one of them. If you are a downloading centric person then you can use an 3rd party software and add surfing speed to the downloading speed and get the maximum out of your connection.

Fast PC

Sometimes it’s not the Internet connection which is slow. Sometimes even PCs can be slow; this results in the really slow speed of the Internet connection. Make sure you keep your PC fast and optimized to achieve the maximum Internet speed. You can make use of CCleaner, TuneUpUtilities etc. and you can Buy cheap ethernet cables from

Keep Updating

Make sure you update your browser. Updates are meant to make the current versions of the software better. Updates, sometimes, are even used to patch the loop holes in the softwares. Every browser gets regular updates; make sure you give all of them to your browser to get maximum Internet speed.

Secured Connection

Secured connection and fast connection are two different things but they both are proportional to each other. If your connection isn’t secured then it will be slow, if it’s secured it will be fast because no one else would be able to crack into it and slower down your speed.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking can considerably slower down your Internet speed. If you are using the Internet connection for downloading movies then don’t halt the process and start surfing the web at the same time. This thing reduces your Internet speed by a huge difference. If you are downloading and surfing at the same time then you will get 50% of your total speed for Downloading and 50% of your total speed in surfing.

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