In India, video piracy is one of the biggest cybercrimes. But, this crime is significantly growing, as the number of piracy websites is increasing. If you just open your browser and type video piracy website, you’ll see hundreds of portal. Yes, some were launched decades before, and few are just introduced to the piracy world.

As the government keeps on blocking and restricting video piracy. But due to millions of visitors, such websites will keep on growing. Hdhub4u is one of the most popular video piracy websites in India. You might have heard about this or not, but in this article, we’ll discuss alot about Hdhub4u.

One important thing, this article is not the gateway to Hdhub4u. We’ll be only sharing all the relevant information about this portal. Now, enough of introduction, let’s dive into the content.

What Is Hdhub4u Website?

HDHub4u Movies

Hdhub4u is one of the piracy websites where you can easily download your favorite movies and web series for free. This website provides all types of content such as Hollywood and Bollywood movies, including TV serials and web series. The best part is that each content on this website is free of cost. According to the latest reports, Hdhub4u has enormous traffic on its portal. But, whether downloading any content from this website is safe or not, we’ll talk about it further.

What Type Of Content Do Hdhub4u Provide?

Hdhub4u provides free movies that can be easily downloaded on your smartphone and desktop. Yes, you’ll face very rare downloading and server issues on this portal. More than millions of users access this portal and download their favorite content. Hdhub4u doesn’t host any files that are already hosted on other websites. The Hdhub4u provides all types of content, such as Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Apart from that, you can also download Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam movies, etc.

You can even find movies of different regional languages, too, on this portal. It also offers various web series and TV shows like The Kapil Sharma’s Show. Hdhub4u is one of the prominent video piracy websites that provide content in actual 360P, 480P, and 720P quality.

How To Find Hdhub4u Correct Domain And URL?

If you analyze, Hdhub4u, it’s not a highly-advanced website. But, it has a huge daily traffic of users. Most of the time, the URL of Hdhub4u is broken up due to innumerable visitors. But, the management team of this portal directly comes with a new URL.

They even keep changing their domain and URL so that they can run their portal without any fear of cyber cell. However, users can access this portal 24/7 round the clock. If you are reading this article and simultaneously searching for Hdhub4u URL, do this at your own risk. Yes, why on your own risk? You’ll get to know the answer to this question further.

Is Downloading Content From Hdhub4u Safe Or Not?

The answer to this simple question is a big ‘No.’ Yes, if you are accessing this website, you are supporting video piracy, and you are also a criminal. Further, we’ll also explain some reasons why you should not use this portal.

Whenever you try to download any content from such websites, it always redirects you to misleading links. Apart from that, you never know, the links are working perfectly or not. They might also be storing corrupted information. It’s impossible that you can download content from such websites with a single click. Whenever you browse this portal, you’ll see various annoying pop-ups and ads appearing on the portal. Such ads are undoubtedly the gateway to various viruses that can adversely affect your device. So, if you are still interested in downloading content from such websites, do at your own risk.

The next thing is that cyber cell officers can also arrest you. Yes, accessing and downloading content from Hdhub4u makes you an active member of this portal. Therefore, never think of accessing such websites, because you can land up into problems in the future. In simpler words, Hdhub4u is illegal. So, we’ll not recommend even to visit such portals.

Why Is It Illegal To Download Movies From Hdhub4u?

If we think, the budget for making a film is more than your annual income. Nowadays, filmmakers also don’t want to sell their movies for free on such portals. They also want to earn money. Yes, they always recommend the audience to visit theaters and enjoy the movie.

But, when the availability of such paid content is for free, it is simply considered as piracy. This is totally illegal, and you can even face lifetime imprisonment if caught. But, it’s not mandatory that everyone will be arrested, but no one knows who is the next. Your luck also matters alot. Therefore, be away from such websites.

According to the latest reports, if 1 lakh people also download pirated movies, the filmmakers have to suffer losses of worth 5 to 6 crore. So, now you can understand why we should never support video piracy. If millions of people download the movies, then our Indian film industry will suffer alot. All the official movies shouldn’t be downloaded for free.

How Hdhub4u Generate Income?

You’ll never see genuine ads on Hdhub4u or any other piracy website. The companies never serve ads on these websites. But, Hdhub4u uses third-party ads to generate some income. These third party ads are PopAds and Url Shorteners for earning money. Clicking on such ads will redirect you to a low-quality advertisement.

But, the CPM of such ads is very low compared to Adsense. However, the traffic of visitors on Hdhub4u is so huge; they are easily generating decent money. They get around 0.5$ to 2$ per-click depending on the ad network.

This was all about Hdhub4u, and you might have understood, how this site works and what is their source of income. Once again, never support such piracy websites; otherwise you have to spend your further life in jail.