This article gives a number of tips for blogging in a competitive environment. How can blogging be competitive you ask? It turns competitive when certain keywords are searched for by many online users. More bloggers are going to base their blog posts around these popular keywords in the hope that they will receive some of the traffic numbers that those keywords are seeing. Obviously, the more people that use those keywords, the more competitive blogging with those keywords becomes. This article gives you a few tips to help your blog survive in such a competitive environment and be the winner.

Blogging Environment


The first tip is the most poignant and most true

The easiest and only way to survive is to keep going. Older blogs that have been updated regularly for years will always rank higher than newer blogs. It is simply a case of continuing to write your blog and continuing to post on a regular basis over a long period of time. In reality this is the best way to maintain your blog and ensure that you are not lost in the gutter of Google.

Find a niche

The more specific and narrow that your niche is then the less competition you are likely to have within it. A lack of direct competition will make online survival a lot easier. If everything is done correctly, over time, you can say, “That’s my chair!”.

Stick to your niche

Do not flip-flop from one niche to another whenever you please. If you really have to urge to write about a different topic then write your posts and post them online as articles. Just so long as they do not appear on your blog.

Change your niche if you are not getting the right results

If you are consistently getting low traffic numbers you should change the way you blog. One of the things you may try changing is the blogs niche itself.

Install a comment section

Comments are viewed as updates by the search engines, which is good for your blogs SEO value. They also help to keep your audience engaged with your content–especially if you respond to the comments.

Administer your comment section and allow people to link from it

Allow people to link from your comment section so that more people will comment. This will mean that spammers will spam links and messages on your comment section, but if administer it then it should not be a problem.

Ask your readers what they think should change on your blog

You can do this on your comment section if you like. The opinion of your loyal readers may help to point out areas of improvement.

Copy the keywords of your competitors

If you really want to play hardball, you can copy your competitor’s keywords and put each post in direct competition with your competitors if you like.

Make counter arguments to your competitor’s blog posts

Sign up to the RSS feed of you competitors, read their posts and then write counter arguments to the points that they make.

Remove any affiliate adverts

They only earn you a few cents each month and make your blog posts look cheap and harder to read. They also increase page-loading times, which is reason enough to get rid of them.

Use plugins to compress all but the first three or five posts

This is good if you have a very big blog, as it will speed up the loading time of the blog.

Add pictures

They make the blog look better and will help you to tell a story. Make sure the images are optimized to load quickly and do not take up too much of the screen. Make sure that page loading time is a priority of yours.

RSS feed

Have an RSS feed so that people can follow your blog posts more easily.

Share button

This will help to attract new people to your blog through your current readers sharing it with others.

Give previews of your blog posts on social media

This is a nice little way to stimulate some interest about your blog. You can talk about your blog posts on social media in order to get more attention, and you can give little previews of up and coming blog posts to whet the appetite of your social media followers.

Write about what you love

It is easier and is more likely to be well written. You will often find more things to write about too, and probably have a wider knowledge about a subject you already love.

Administer your negative comments

If people are writing nasty things in your comment boxes then you should delete them when you administer your comment section.

Make your posts easy to read

This means having smaller paragraphs and lots of white space on the page so that it is easier to read.

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