Have you ever encountered the problem of blank monitor on your PC? That is pretty annoying, isn’t it? Whenever a user comes across a blank monitor, he is not left with any option other than turning off the power button, check out all the PC connections and turn on the power button again.

We will cite few of the major reasons behind the appearance of blank monitor. Once you know the reasons, it will become easier for you to troubleshoot the issue.

Blank monitor of your PC


The blank monitor could be a big issue, but the solution could be simple. Before declaring it big, run a check over all the connections from video card to the monitor. Sometimes, there could be a problem because of loose connection. Once you fix it, your monitor will run as it was before the problem occurred.


At times, humidity causes the monitor to go blank. Generally, the computer remains exposed in the air. The water in the air may condense and accumulate in the monitor, which can lead to the malfunctioning of the monitor. All you need to do is, leave it for few hours without trying to turn it on. This can be a solution to this possible problem.

Is your graphics card working fine?

The blank monitor could be due to a defective graphics card. How to find whether the graphics card is working properly or not? The best solution of this confusion is to have an extra monitor. Connect the graphics card from the monitor (the one which is not working) to the second monitor, if the same problem of blank monitor persists, then your graphics card is faulty and you need to purchase a new one. If not so, then there could be some other problem with your PC.

Defective RAM

Although it is very rare, but there are chances that you find bad RAM modules. These modules may prevent your system from booting up from the BIOS. It may prove to be a hindrance in the very basic appearance of start-up screen. The bad RAM modules are difficult to be detected. However to be confirmed of this issue, you can take the RAM modules and place it in a different computer, to find whether another computer works well with the same modules or not.

Short circuit in the motherboard

We hope that you do not face an issue of short circuit in the motherboard, as fixing this issue could be way beyond expensive because of the replacement of the motherboard.

So, you have five possible reasons before declaring your monitor to be defective. Analyze the reasons and then, go for the apt method to troubleshoot it. We wish you happy computing!

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