Best Security Apps for passwords and other secure information

When you are surfing online it is of utmost importance that you protect your passwords and other secure information because there are so many malicious people out there who would like nothing better than to hack into your computer and steal all the data that they need to use your credit card for a spending spree or even wipe out your bank account. You should know, too, that mobile phones and tablets are equally vulnerable to these kinds of dangerous activity.

For this reason computer entrepreneurs are constantly designing apps that you can use to protect your devices against these threats. Following are descriptions of some of the best of these apps. It should be noted that some of them are only for mobile devices or only for PCs. Others are for a specific line of devices, such as iPad or Mac—if so it will be indicated. All may be downloaded for free unless otherwise noted.


Avast is one of the biggest names in anti-virus software. Their app is one of the best choices if you are seeking protection for your Android smartphone. Its overall detection rate is 90 percent. A variety of tasks can be run with Avast; as listed on the startup page they are:

  • virus advisor
  • privacy scanner
  • application management
  • web shield
  • SMS and call filter
  • firewall
  • anti-theft
  • scan apps
  • scan SD card
  • automatic scan

New features are constantly being added to the menu. This is the app to get for most mobile devices.

Norton Antivirus & Security

Norton is also popular among computer users. It allows the owner to “remote lock” his machine and create a password. The premium version, which is worth $30 per year, includes a list of tasks which is too long to be given here. Its detection rate has been given by AV Test as between 65 and 90 percent, which is considerably less than that for Avast or Lookout (described below), but it has such features as safe browsing and message blocking. All of these features, however, also come with the other two programs.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

This app costs $3 per month (an alternate $30 annual fee is also available) is for mobile devices. Security scanning is present on the regular version, which can be upgraded to premium, in which case privacy advisor and safe browsing are also at hand.

NQ Mobile Security

From NQ Mobile Security, which is for both tablets and smartphones, you can get cross-platform contact backup, a firewall, a free privacy advisor for analyzing the permissions of apps before they are downloaded, browser protection and anti-malware. The basic version of the program is free but premium service can also be bought for $19.99 per year. With this superior version you will also have anti-eavesdropping capabilities that keep outsiders from listening in on your phone conversations without your knowing about it, remote locking and wiping, and bank app scanning functions. Some of NQ’s operations will not work except on devices that have SMS capabilities.


AVG takes up the least amount of memory space of the apps we have discussed so far—only 0.7 metabytes. It blocks access to websites from which malicious software may emanate and includes a privacy advisor that will warn you of possible dangers from apps that you are about to download. You can also manage any apps that are currently running on your machine or phone.

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security

With TrustGo you can schedule a scan of your phone or SD card for viruses. TrustGo even has a feature lacking in the apps we have mentioned so far—a Secured App Finder Engine that you can use to find apps that are known to be safe. In addition it can be used to monitor your battery and memory usage. When you first open the program you will see the permissions of all the apps you currently have outlined on the privacy dashboard. TrustGo also comes with an alarm that can warn you remotely in case of theft.

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