Making a Living Posting the Blogs

Dealing with the ho-hum of the 9-to-5 career often makes people dream of blogging for profit, in the hopes that they can quit their day job. Out of the 100% of all bloggers interested in making enough money by writing, only a few seem to be able to reap the amount of profits they desire. The individuals who do not succeed in making money with their blogs usually do so for the same reasons.

Blogger Expectations

Many times, bloggers generate unrealistic expectations of just how fast the readership of their blog will grow, and how much money it will generate. Once the expectations have not been met, disappointment often sets in, and robs them of their desire to continue posting to their blog.

Another trap that seems to snag bloggers is in their lack of making a plan to follow. Like any business, profiting as a blogger requires a realistic expectation, and a defined plan of action to take.

Finding an Audience

To be successful in a profiting blog you will need a large audience of dedicated readers. The higher the amount of traffic that visits your enjoyable blog on a daily and monthly basis, the more advertisers will pay you. However, having the ability to cultivate regular readers to make the kind of profit you desire is not always easy.

With new blogs appearing every day, only the most dedicated bloggers with access to creative and enjoyable content have what it takes for repeat visitors to return for more. Finding an audience that is large enough and interested enough requires skillful writing and proven marketing strategies.

Marketing Your Blog

Typically, when want-to-be bloggers dream about blogging for a living, they generally imagine themselves writing their posts as their only job. However, writing good content is only half the battle. If they spend insufficient time marketing their blog, they will never be anyone there to read it. Only once they have created a viable interest from a large enough audience, eager to return to read more, will it make sense to spend most of the time writing content for their blog.

Developing a Marketing Strategy

The absolute first step in creating a blog is actually designing it. You need to select a blogging platform like WordPress, and set up an account. After an account has been set up, you will most likely be prompted to design your own site. This can be accomplished by selecting from the large variety of WordPress themes from the integrated dashboard the platform provides. Depending on the type of blog you will be offering, you can select a theme that best represents your interest.

You might choose a professional look, a colorful look, or any of the fun and creative designs available. Next, you will upload your content to the site. Once you are done with that, you will publish your words to the Internet for everyone to see.

Using Keywords to Find an Audience

Finding an audience might seem to be a challenging task, but it is more time-consuming than daunting. As the writer of your blog, you should blend keywords and keyword phrasing into your articles and comments. The keywords are what search engines, like Google, use to find your information in a search query. Inputting a specific phrase or keyword into the search engine, the online user is hoping to locate pertinent information based on what they have typed.

If those same words reside in your headings, subject line and content in the article, the search engine will find it. Scouring the Internet for that information, the search engine will rank your blog site and place it accordingly in its results. If you have done your creative writing to meet that threshold, you will rank high, with a link to your site hopefully on the first page of the search results.

Proven Techniques for Audience Gathering

There are other proven techniques for gathering an audience and directing them to your blog site. An easy way to generate more interest in your site is to interact with other blogs on the Internet that share your same interests. Building lasting bonds between like-minded individuals will help drive readers to your blog.

  • Leave Interesting Comments – Every time you come across something interesting at a visiting blog, leave a relevant comment on that site, with a backlink to your site. If readers and bloggers find your comments interesting, they will most likely visit your site to see what else you have to say.
  • Cross Blog – Cross blogging is a simple process of adding a link of one of your blogs that directs traffic to another one of yours. If you have a successful blog, and have started a second or third one, consider driving some of your existing traffic from one blog to your other blog.

Success Takes Time

Overnight success only happens in the movies. Whether you are a marketing genius, or a prolific writer, you most likely are not both. Take the time necessary to learn how to be a successful blogger, and with determination you might just be able to be one of the few that make a living posting to blogs.

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