Security is a level of resistance that protects from harm. Security can be of many types like goods security, online security, airport security, PC security. Without security, your asset will become defenseless or vulnerable. Here, we are talking about online security that secures transactions between user’s browser and the server. Such security is called SSL (secure socket layer) protocol that uses strong cryptography to encrypt and decrypt the information.Many certificate authorities issue SSL certificate for your online safety. Now let us focus on one of the well-known SSL provider (ClickSSL) that has years of experience in providing better products and service.

Best SSL Certificate Provide

About ClickSSL

ClickSSL is a leading and trustworthy SSL Certificate provider. The ClickSSL’s headquarter is in Delaware, United States. ClickSSL is a platinum partner of renowned authorities like RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Thawte, and Symantec. ClickSSL provides utmost satisfaction to its customers by offering the best SSL products to them. ClickSSL has a diversified product portfolio that suits the need of every organization, corporates, firms, individuals, etc.

Standard SSL Brands

ClickSSL never compromises about SSL brand and keeps a motive to provide the highest encryption to its current and potential clients. As we discuss, ClickSSL deals with four trusted brands that already achieved acme position in SSL industry.

  • Symantec: The most used SSL product by corporate and other bodies that place your website in secure environments that attacker cannot intercept your confidential information. Symantec SSL solution helps people ranging from consumers and small businesses to the largest global organizations and corporate.
  • GeoTrust: GeoTrust is chosen by world’s busiest websites. There are more than 150 countries’ people trust GeoTrust and have a portfolio of approx. 100K clients. The object of GeoTrust is to maximize the security to secure online transactions and thereby provide relief to clients. GeoTrust works with the latest technology equipped digital certificate.
  • Thawte: Thawte possesses global reputation with having a 17 years record as a SSL Certificate Authority. You can rely on experience that Thawte got since its inception. Diversified SSL products like EV, DV, OV, SGC, Wildcard, SAN, etc. provide the highest satisfaction to clients. It has a streamlined process of certificate management that keeps track of SSL certificates in one place.
  • RapidSSL: RapidSSL has years of experience in providing robust encrypted SSL certificate. The main category of RapidSSL is RapidSSL certificate and RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate that is mostly believed by online business clients. The customer driven policy that RapidSSL implement has achieved its market value in online business.

Expanded Products

ClickSSL has a large diversified product group that serves the best quality cryptography product around th world.These products carry the best customer support, affordable price, strong encryption, and understanding of the organization need.

  • Domain Validation Certificate: The primary level domain certificate can be easily obtained without any document formalities. Many organizations need this certificate due to its fast processing and cost efficient features.Domain Certificate verifies only the ownership of the domain so; it requires no legal documents submission.
  • Organization Validation: With this certificate, the site owner has a scope to validate his business identity. It contains the verification of the official name of the organization and its location. This certificate establishes trust among your clients. The user will be confident while giving his confidential information to the website owner.
  • Wildcard Certificate: A cost effective way to secure your multiple sub domains that enables your online transactions with up to 256-bit encryption. The website owner will not have to purchase extra certificate for each domain. The certificate also carries a fast installation with two-step validation.
  • EV SSL: It is a certificate that carries a green address bar that shows the highest authenticity to customers. EV certificate can be issued on the specified criteria like identity verification of the certificate requestor. EV SSL helps in maximizing website traffic when people see the green address bar.
  • SAN Certificate: SAN Certificate has the ability to secure more than 25 domains, IP, and private servers with a single certificate. A cost efficient certificate that deals with robust encryption makes your browser more secure and help in enhancing the traffic of your website.
  • SGC Certificate: SGC enables your old browser to match with high encryption. Old browsers that are capable of handling low encryption can become strong with SGC Certificate. This certificate also covers domain and business validation therefore; website owner will get dual benefit in this way.
  • Code Signing Certificate: Code signing certificate offers trust to your customer who isthe purchaser of your software product. This certificate offers authenticity about software code to users that the code is not compromised or altered.
  • Scanning Product: It includes anti malware products that daily check the status of malware on your website. It can identify malware and fix them immediately. It can identify both familiar and potential malware and offers relief to both customers and the website owner.


Support & Service

ClickSSL carries a great service support for its customers. ClickSSL supports through email and live chat option is available by 24/7hours. ClickSSL also offers online query solution for instant response and customers can give feedback in the feedback forum that is listed on the website.

Coupons and Deals:

ClickSSL frequently announces various promo and discount offers for its diversified SSL products for its current and potential clients. You can find discount offers on ClickSSL.

Why Choose ClickSSL?

ClickSSL has an expanded portfolio of SSL products with instant customer service support. The customer centric policy on which ClickSSL is working is the best in the industry. Their SSL solution brings confidence in customers and of course provides relief to organizations. ClickSSL also has a low cost certificate that is suitable for low-sized and medium sized business. Client can get an instant solution for his query thorough 24/7 live chat support.

Final Conclusion

As we discussed, there are different features of ClickSSL that can easily attract any person who want to secure his website with SSL certificate. If you want to purchase SSL certificate of any category, you should observe the above points. ClickSSL has all the features that a buyer wants.

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