Top apps for Android

Android is the most popular operating system by the search giant Google. The mobile operating system has the user area of one fourth of the total mobile users all over the world. It is the wide variety of the cool apps of the Android which makes it so popular. The Android market has millions of both free and paid apps that you can download and use on your Android. Wide variety of apps is available under each category. Last year that is 2011 was of Android and millions of new apps were developed to see. The Android applications development is still growing like a charm and every day new apps are introduced. Actually Android is surprising the users by providing great new features in the new apps.

As an Android user, you must also be having many apps installed on your Android smart phone or tablet. Because the apps are the only way by which we can keep our old Android devices updated with new features.

If we point to the Android Market to get some apps for our Android based smart phones or tablets, then we will get surprised by seeing the wide variety of Android apps there. In Fact we will get confused that which is the app for which we should go for as there are about 2,50,000 apps there in the Android Market.

The proper selection of the right apps can enhance your Android experience and can make your Android even better. So do you know which are good apps that you must have in your Android?? Therefore I created this post, in which I am going to post about the top apps of the Android. The list of the top apps is not created for any particular Android version or Android tablets or smart phones. This list is created on the popularity, download count, and the user reviews.

So let’s have a look at the top apps of Android.

1. Google Currents

Well, it is the Google app itself, which is standing on the no.1 position on the Google’s Android itself. As the name suggest, this app keeps you updated with the latest happenings. So this app falls in the News category and is probably the best Android app for providing latest news on your device. Not only the new, this great app also give you access to RSS feeds and probably is the best RSS aggregator till date.

google currents

2. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator

This is the best app for the Android based tablets. This app comes in both the free and pro versions. Now a days, the cloud networking is growing like a charm and the future of cloud computing is very bright. So the Zero PC cloud navigator is must have app in your Android tablets. This is probably the best All-in-one cloud manager for the Android so far.

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator

3. Facebook For Android

The Facebook is the no.1 social networking site in the world. It has covered the 11 percent of the total population of the World. The no. of users and popularity of Facebook is increasing day by day and so the official Facebook Android app is. If you love Facebook, then you will love this app as well. This Facebook app has got all the features that the desktop version of the Facebook has. Having this app on your Android, you have access to the latest updates from your friends, messages, news feed and notifications as well. Actually this app is all ready to enhance you social enhancement on the Facebook.

Facebook For Android

4. Hotmail

The Hotmail is the best email service so far and its Android based app is also blessed with all those features, which the official site has. The Microsoft has teamed with the developer Seven to bring the official Hotmail Android app on your Android based smart phones and tablets. With this app you can access the inbox messages, emails and voice mails while on the go. Not only this, the app has also the feature to allow you to sign in to multiple Hotmail account at the same time.

Hotmail For Android

5. Google Earth

The desktop software Google Earth from the Google has been very famous and this favorite software’s services are also accessible even on the Android as well. The Google Earth for Android is a very good app to fly over the world by just moving your fingers. With this app you can lie on the Google’s motto about the Google Earth, which is “Take the Global into Your Palm”. So install this app on your Android and get ready to take the Global into your palm.

Google Earth

6. Team Viewer

Well, you might have heard about the Team Viewer. It is the best remote accessing software so for for the PC by which you can remotely monitor the other PC by just entering the Team Viewer ID. This cool feature is also available in the Android. With this app on your Android you can easily access your PC from your Android smart phone or tablet, any time and any where you go.

Team Viewer

7. Seesmic

If you love Twitter, then you are going to love this app as well. This app is twitter client for the Android. There are lots of apps available related to the Twitter, but this one is probably the best. There is official Twitter app for Android as well, this one is far better that the official release. You can use your multiple twitter accounts on this app at the same time. This app gives you access to the latest tweets, messages and replies from your followers. You can also re tweet, send reply or favorite the tweets of other people as well.


8. ASTRO File Manager

If you do not like the Android style of listing the files and are addicted to use the Windows style listing, then this app is for you. The ASTRO File manager is just a simple file manager that lists all the data and apps of your Android in the Windows Style listing, which results in the simple user interface and easy access to the files as well.

ASTRO File Manager

9. Foursquare

FourSquare is a cool social media app for the Android. This app for the Android has got some eye catching features. The features of this great Android app include easy one-click check-ins and integration with the Google Maps for the fast and easy access. This app also the Home shortcut which gives you one touch access to all your favorite places.

10. Winamp

This one is for the music lovers. You may already be familiar with the Winamp which is a famous music player for desktops. Not the cool service of the PC is also available on the Android as well. The official Winamp app for the Android has got some eye catching features such as loud music play, multiple formats support and online music streaming.

11. WordPress for Android

From the past some years, the blogging has become passion for many people. The bloggers want to update their blogs with latest news and articles not only by sitting in the front of computer, but while on the go as well. So the WordPress For Android app is for the, This app has got awesome features and give you all the WordPress posting features. With this app you can post new articles and edit the previous ones as well. The image and video insertion tools make the app even better. So if you are blogger then it is must have app for you.

Wordpress for Android

12. Skyfire 3.0

If you love to watch online movies and other flash content then this app is for you. This is internet browser for the Android which is best known for its flash rich features. The internet browser is so far the best in providing you the flash content support. Even it is better than the default Android browser as well. The best feature of this browser is that it pops up the message, when ever there is flash related content or video on any particular web page. So if you are Youtube addict, then you must install this cool Android app on your Android based smart phone or tablet.

13. BBC News

In this fast growing world, it is very necessary to keep updated with the latest news and happening not only from your local area or country, but world wide as well. The BBC news channel is the most famous news channel, which gives you latest international news and happenings. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of this great news channel on your Android via the official BBC news Android app. There are no. of home screen widgets are there in this app, which gives you one touch access to the latest news and also gives you the ability to submit your own news or tip as well.

14. Flickr

Flickr is the no. 1 photo sharing site having millions of pictures in it. You can have access to all the features of the Flickr on your Android, with this app installed on it. With this app you can easily go through the no. of uploaded photos uploaded by other people. You can upload your own pictures and can instantly share them on the popular social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

15. SPRiiD

This app allows you to share the data between two Android devices by using the internet. Actually this is the modern method of sharing the data. To use this app you just need an internet connection and then you can easily share data between the two Android devices easily.

16. HipMunk

If you are a business person and you need to go for world wide travels for business related purposes, then this app is for you. This is Flight related app, which gives you the data about the flights. With this app you can easily check the schedule of the new flights from your Android. You can find out the timings of the the different flights and can also check the cheapest flights as well.

17. Google Maps Navigation

This app from the Google is must have app for each Android user. This app gives you access to the worldwide maps. You can easily track your position via the GPS navigation. You can easily set your destination in this app and this app work as a path describer for you. This app proves out to be very useful in the case when we are in the city, from the routes of which we are not at all familiar.

18. Shareprice

The app is must have app for the business persons. This app keeps you updated with the latest ups and downs of the stock market. Having this app installed on your Android, you cab stay updated with the latest market share prices and thus can make some wiser investment.

19. Skifta

Best Android app with lots of advanced features. It is the first Android app ever, which has got DLNA certification. It means that you can turn your Android to the DLNA devices. This means that you can stream all the household media to your phone easily. The app is very good in its aspect and available for the latest Android versions only. This app requires Android 2.2 or higher version to run.

20. Dropbox

From past some time the desktop version of the Drop box is getting famous day be day and now the popular desktop tool is also available for the Android as well. he drop box app for Android version is lacking the auto sync feature, but still with other good features, it is one of most downloaded and popular app for Android.

21. Amazon

Amazon is the no.1 online shopping website, in whole over the world. The great website has now launched the app for Android as well. The app for the Android has got all the features, that the it self have. The app gives you access to the Amazon store with full features like with the shopping cart, while on the go, any where and any time.

21. Meebo IM

If you are one of them who love to have online text chat with their friends, then Meebo IM is the app for you. With this app, you can not only chat with your friends, but also can send the smileys and emoticons as well. This app is all in one app, as it includes to have chat with your Yahoo, Gtalk, and AIM friends as well. So with this app in your Android, you do not need to install extra apps.

22. Beelicious

If you ever used the popular bookmarking site delicious and are addict to that website, then this app is surely going to please you. This app is blessed with all the features, that you can access on the delicious website. This cool app for the Android allows you to send the links of your favorite websites directly in to your Delicious account, by making use of share button on Android’s default browser. So go Delecious on your Android with the app Beelicious.

23. TweetDeck

This app is for all the Twitter fans. The app has got such awesome features that even the official Twitter app do not have. It allows you to post tweets in the separate side by side window. Even it can be used for the Facebook updates as well. Actually, with the lots of features, the TweetDeck app for Android does the work of Foursquare app as well.

24. BT FON

Dis you ever want to use the Wi Fi in the public area without going through the sucking sign in process, then BT FON Android app is must have app for your Android smart phone or tablet. You just require a BT FON username to access all the features of this great app. Having this app you can access the free internet by borrowing the WiFi in the WiFi places and that all in the hidden manner as well.

25. Androidify

This app is very good for some enjoyable moments. This app lets you play with the photo graphs of you or your friends. You can play with any image, just by moving your finger. Actually, this app is an avatar creating app which lets you create avatars from your own or your friend’s pictures. You can convert any image to a funny looking image. The image can also be shared on the popular networking sites like Twitter or Facebook.

26. Blogger

If you are a webmaster and are running your blog on the Google owned “Blogger” platform, this app is surely going to make space for it on your Android. The Blogger app is the official app from the Google for its blogging platform “Blogger”. The cool features of this apps include the very simple user interface. With this app, you can have access to create new posts or to edit the previously created blog posts as well. So use this app on your Android and keep your blog updated with the latest articles, even on the go.

27. eBay

Well, as the craze of online shopping is increasing day by day and so the no. of shopping related apps for the Android are increasing day by day. With eBay app for the Android, you can access the eBay store from your Android. You can check the latest listings on the popular website eBay, and that also with full features.

28. UnDelete

Well, how many times it happened with you while deleting the unnecessary data, you also deleted the useful data as well. This has happened with me many times and I can understand that sucking situation. Well, now we need to worry about it as the Android has got awesome file recovery app and the file is named as Undelete. As the name suggests, by making use of this app, you can easily un delete or we can say recover the useful data, that you deleted by mistake.

29. Pops

If you want to get informed of your Facebook messages or SMS or tweets as well, then you can proceed with this great app on your Android. The app allows you to set custom animated alerts for the SMS, Facebook messages or Twitter updates as well. So by having this app in your Android, you will not miss any single update ever.

30. MX Video Player

This popular video player app for the Android has got the support for all the major video formats. So with this app you can run all the video formats easily. If you don’t want to get puzzled with the different video players for the different video formats, then this app is recommended for you. The best part of this app is that you do not require any extra plugin for this app.

31. BitTorrent Remote

If you download too much stuff using the torrent and use the popular torrents client, that is Bit Torrent, then app is recommended for you. This app allows you to access the download and uploads running on the Bit Torrent, on your PC, remotely via your Android based smart phone or tablet.

32. Gifinator

If you like to animated images that is GIF images, then this app is surely going to please you. Having this app in your Android based Tablet or Smart Phone will allow you to use your Android device as a GIF creating tool.

33. Visidon app Lock

If you are concerned about the security of your Android device, then this app will surely make its place in your Android. This is modern type of screen lock and is based on the Face Recognition. Having this app in your Android device will ensure its perfect security from the anonymous use.

34. Limit the Call

There may be some times, when the talk with your friend or relative go longer, then on the the next day, you get a big bill from your network provider. So to cut down the phone bill, you must install this awesome app on your Android device. With this app, you can set the time limit to both the incoming and outgoing calls and thus can save your self for paying huge phone bills.

35. Shake Call

This cool Android app lets you show your modern style to your friends. This app allows you to receive and end the calls by shaking your Android device. Well sitting near to your friend and the receiving the call in a dashing way, will be enjoyable moment, not for your friend, but yes, at least for you.

36. Protect apps

This app is must have app for every Android user, because gives you the access to protect your file from being getting used or deleted by your naught fellows. You can make the files password protected and can change the lock or unlock state of any particular app.

37. Wallpaper Changer

This app keeps the look of the screen of your Android device always fresh, by changing the wallpapers after the regular intervals of time. You can set the Wallpapers to be used by this app or can also change the time gap between two wallpapers as well.

38. UC Browser

The UC browser is popular web browser for the mobile phones and now this popular mobile browser is available for Android as well. The UC browser is very rich in its features. The top features of this internet browsing app for the Android are the high speed and rich pages view. You can access the web with the same features as you access on the desktop. The best feature of the UC browser for the Android, is its data saving ability. Before accessing the website, the UC browser compresses the data and thus save the data usage. This feature becomes even better in the situations, when you have limited internet usage.

39. Draw N Chat

This one is pretty unique in its features. This app converts your Android’s screen into a virtual board and you can access the figures drawn on this virtual board with the other Android devices as well. So using this app you can draw and chat at the same time.

40. ViBe

This app is the only and the best app in this category. This app allows you to set different vibrations for the different contacts. So by using this app on your Android based smart phone or tablet, you can easily recognize the incoming caller’s name from the mode of vibration.

41. Weather Services

There are thousands of apps there in the Android market related to weather and forecasting, but probably this one is the best with lots of features. This app notifies about the latest weather information of your local area and the other regions of the world as well, directly on your Android’s screen. You can even have access to the latest cam shots of the weather of various regions and countries of the world.

42. Birthday Scheduler For Facebook

After the official Facebook app, this is the best Facebook related app. It happens commonly with the FB users that they forget to say Happy Birthday to their friends on the Facebook. But with having this app, it is never going to happen again. This cool Android app automatically schedule the “Best Wishes” message and then send it to your friends on the birthday.

43, AppPlus

As we know there are plenty of paid Android apps there in the Android Market. The prices of these apps keep increasing and decreasing from time to time. But by having AppPlus app installed on your Android device, you can keep track of the dropped prices apps and thus accordingly can go for the purchase of any app. So by making use of this app, you can prove yourself as a wise investor and can save your hard earned money.

44. MyAlbum

This app allows you to download the Facebook albums on you Android device with the single click. Well, this feature is even not there in the Facebook itself and you need to download all the photos one by one of any particular Facebook album. The task becomes head aching when there are hundreds of photos in any particular album. But you need to worry about it, because you can use the MyAlbum app on your Android and can download the entire Facebook photos album and that also with the single click.

45. AndroZip File Manager

Well, this one is not any other usual file manager. This Android has got some extra unique features  as well, that stands it on the top of the apps of its category. The powerful Andro Zip File Manager app can manage the various file extensions such as 7Zip, .Zip, .Rar, .Tar  and several other extensions as well. So for the proper management of these extensions, Andro Zip File Manager is a must have app for all the Android users.

46.  Make Recipes Mobile

This Android app is going to be the most favorite app of the house wives. The ladies always look for the new and interesting recipes to try at their own home. Now you can do this even from the Android device as well. This app will make your Android device, your best food teacher. This cool app loads the recipes from the popular recipes website, and send them directly on your Android’s screen for your use.

47. Calender

The Calender is a simple but useful Android app, This gives you access to 100 years calender. You can get country specific calender as well, which will show the important dates of fairs and other events of a particular country. You can also set the reminders on the Calender as well, which will remember the important dates and meetings.

48. Juice Defender

There are apps related to power saving purposes as well, in the Android Market and this one is the probably the best in this category. With Juice Defender you can make use of the battery power as long as possible. This Android app tweaks your Android device’s settings so as to save maximum power as possible.

49. Skype

Skype is the most popular client for making free calls from one Skype to another. This cool tool is available as official release on the Android as well. The Android version of the Skype has got all the features, that he desktop version. Having this app installed in your Android device, you can make free calls from on Skype account to another. You can also make long distance international calls and that also at the cheaper rates.

50. Beautiful Widgets

This app is for the customization of your home screen of your Android device. This app comes with a wide variety of widgets and themes that you can use on the home screen of your smart phone or tablet. By using this app, you can keep your home screen always dashing and cool.

51. Camera 360

If you have ever used the Apple’s iPhone, then you must be familiar with this app for sure. The camera 360 is a popular app of the iPhone that comes with a large range of camera effects. Now this popular app of the iPhone is also available on the Android as well and that also with the same features. This app comes with many cool and interesting camera effects, that you can apply on the pictures of your or your friends. If we call it as an alternate for Adobe Photoshop, then there is nothing wrong it. With this app, you can add stunning effects to your images. You can also share the edited photo graphs on the popular social networking sites like Twitter of Facebook.

52. Google Docs

The Google Doc is the best documents sharing service and that also by the Search Giant Google. Now you can access all the features of Google doc by using this app on your Android based smart phone or tablet. You can view the documents online, or can also download them to your device’s memory, for the offline view or further use.

So it was the list of top apps for the best mobile  operating system Android. This list is not made by considering the apps of any particular category. Also the apps listed here are not for any specific Android version. Some may require higher Android version and some not. Some of the apps are free to use while you will have to spend money on some apps.

This list is based on the most popular and most downloaded Android apps till date. The list is also made by keeping the users reviews in mind and the list do not follow any particular order.

We tried our best to make a good list for you. Hope you liked our work. Well, if you know any other popular Android app that we did not mention in this article, then please let us know about it by dropping your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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