The Future of Cloud Computing

Before starting with the future of cloud computing let me first explain what cloud computing is. As the name suggests, the cloud computing is related to the computing world and gives the user , knowledge about the computing infrastructure.

Cloud Computing

Many users and experts claim that the future of Cloud Computing will be very bright.In the present time Cloud Computing is growing day by day and it will be touching new milestones in the future as well. Depending on its current growth it can be easily predicted that Cloud Computing will be the major term in the Future Technology.

Future Of Cloud Computing

1. Like many users are building there carrier or have built their carrier in this field so Cloud Computing is going to provide more Jobs scopes in the future.

2. To increase integration with private cloud software big organization like AWS will launch a partner program.

3. As a result of cloud computing security will move to “centralized trust.”It means that we will learn to keep identities within cloud.

4. Database creation and management will become much easier than present. Cloud Computing will make it easy to store large quantity of data and users will be able to access that data without any kind of problems.

6. Cloud Computing will have positive impact on mobile technology as well. Cloud Computing will make the mobile devices more powerful and thinner as well. In short words mobiles will have more features and capabilities in the future. Mobile companies are looking over it from now on. Apple’s iCloud is a good example of it.

7. Cloud Computing will remove the limits of users. In other words it will cross the difference b/w user and service provider. Cloud Computing will allow everybody to be a service provider.

8. The developers will concentrate on learning HTML 5 and other languages which will help them to improve Cloud Computing.

9. Continuous growing use of Tablets, Smart Phones will show positive results in the Cloud Computing and the users will be more dependent on cloud computing.T he example can be seen from Google’s growing Cloud service that is Google Docs.

10. Website up time will get benefit from it. We all know the big technology fishes like Google, Yahoo has tremendous up time. Due to great up time than that of an average website, these websites are never down, whatever the volume of traffic is on them. These all websites depend upon Cloud Computing for storage of large amount of data. In the Future more and more companies or websites will be including Cloud Computing into their fields and this will result a better internet for users.

11. It will show impact on Social Networking as well. The Cloud Computing will result better relations of Social Networking with Mobile Technology.

So we all can hope of better IT tools and better IT services in the future because of  Cloud Computing. Depending on its current rapid growth we can also scope more and more job opportunities in this field.

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