Alexa Hack For Faster Ranking

Before starting with this trick or hack let me introduce you with Alexa. Alexa is a web information technology that give ranks to all the websites which can be seen on the internet. The Alexa give ranks to websites in the two manners. The ranking is based on one month and three month visitors flow. Alexa is a service by,t he online shopping store. Each blogger or website owner  is well familiar with it.

Alexa Ranking

Why Do a Site Need Good Alexa Ranking?

Good Alexa Ranking is very necessary for each website and its a parameter for a site popularity. Many Bloggers believe that its a not a perfect measure and do not consider much on it, but its a well observed fact that whenever we think of any website’s popularity its the  Alexa Ranking that comes into mind. All the direct advertising networks like Buy Sell Ads also take it as one phenomenon to give you ads.

So to end up, a website must have good Alexa ranking. Because Good Ranking means good reputation and good reputation means attraction of advertisers towards your website. So do you want to attain good Alexa ranking??

If yes then, here is the best working trick that you can use to attain a good ranking in less time and less efforts as well.

Methods You Can Use:

  1. Set Your Site as homepage so that whenever you open your browser you have a visit to your website.
  2. Download and install Alexa Toolbar(Most Important).
  3. Use Alexa Widget on Your Website. It is also very helpful because whenever some visitor will click that widget then he will be forwarded to and it will be treated as a unique visitor to your website.
  4. Claim Your Website on Alexa and write a review on Alexa about your website.Don’t go for five star rating to your website. Give your site 4.5 stars so that it look like more genuine. Ask/Request your friends to install Alexa toolbar on their systems as well and also ask them to write a review about your website on Alexa.
  5. Make a toolbar for your website specially. It can be done on the Alexa’s website easily. Make a download link of that toolbar and place the link on your homepage and let your visitor to download your toolbar.

And Here is The Best Hack…

You may have found these types of tricks somewhere else, but here is the best hack. In step no. 1 rather than using your site as homepage use the following links as homepage url

Of Course without quotes and use your own domain name on the place of

That’s all, use these methods and within a week or less you will see a good Alexa Rank for your website. This method is 200 percent a working method. If you find any problem then please let me know about it in comment section. If you like the article consider it sharing on Facebook and with your friends.

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