A domain name is much more than just the address of a company on the Internet. The domain name a company chooses has a direct impact on the way that customers see a particular business in several different ways. First and foremost, a domain name determines how search engines will categorize a particular business. This means that, along with other things, the domain name will determine what search results a company’s website will appear in. Additionally, the domain name will determine how seriously a customer will take a business and will ultimately impact their decision as to whether or not they will engage in business with the company.

Registering a Domain Name

Keep it Short = Make it Memorable

Experts agree that the best domain names are ones that summarize the company in just a word or two. Having a short domain name makes it easier for customers to remember it, and they more they remember the name, the more likely they are to come back.

Domain Branding and Relevance

In addition to keeping a domain name short and memorable for customers, it is important to make it a priority with search engines. Incorporating keywords into a domain name can make the website more relevant to search engines when those keywords are used. This means that a company’s website will appear at the top of the search results page for that keyword.

Take Me Seriously

Companies who understand the value of a domain name know that having a .com extension at the end of the domain is vital to be taken seriously. Several extensions such as .vu and .it have become devalued and using such extensions can take a toll on the reputation of the business. Additionally, sites that want to be taken seriously should stay away from using substitutions or unusual spellings as this tends to be distracting and viewed as somewhat amateurish.

Don’t Wait

Competition for domain names is fierce, especially since the price for obtaining one is an inexpensive as it has ever been. Register a domain with Network Solutions or other domain registry in order to avoid having it taken by another company. If there are several variations of the domain, it is important to register them all to avoid confusion as the brand and company grow.

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