There are millions, rather billions of wallpapers that can be easily downloaded from the web but the main problem with all such wallpapers is that they are not well organized and aren’t overlooked by a professional group of people. There are some sites that have a very big collection of wallpapers; some of them even store millions of wallpapers in just one category. Wallpapers are generally free but when they are on special demand, they cost money. Some people even pay hundreds of dollars just to download a few wallpapers, such wallpapers are made on special demands. Coming to downloading the wallpapers, here we have compiled the list of Some Cool Sites to Download Free Wallpapers.


Download Free Wallpapers

DeviantArt is one of the world’s biggest wallpaper collection sites. DeviantArt has got millions of wallpapers and all of them are ready to be downloaded. You can even download the Rainmeter theme and other kind of desktop-optimizing stuff. You can find Journal related wallpapers, Digital Art or any other kind of wallpaper easily on this site.


InterfaceLIFT is another big website from where you can download wallpapers. Not all the wallpapers on InterfaceLIFT are free but most of them are. InterfaceLIFT has got wallpapers for almost all kind of resolutions in the world – from a small mobile display to iPad 3 display. The wallpapers on this site are generally nature-centric.


HDWallpapers, as the name suggests, has got a lot of High Definition (HD) wallpapers. The wallpapers on this site are of course free and almost all of them can be downloaded on all the resolutions. It has got a big collection of wallpapers ranging from Celebrity wallpapers to the Digital World wallpapers and what’s exciting is that they all are free.

Microsoft Wallpapers

Microsoft too allows the users to download wallpapers from their official site. The wallpapers are meant strongly for Windows 7 but that doesn’t mean that you cannot download them for other devices. The wallpapers are of listed on the official site of Microsoft are of amazing quality with mind-blowing resolution. is a relatively fresh website but likewise others in the list, this site too has got all kind of wallpapers. You can download wallpapers ranging from Architecture to Animals and this wide range of wallpapers is totally free. The site is updated quite often and this gives the users a chance to download more and more wallpapers frequently.

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