Cloud Computing- Sky high Security

Cloud Computing is the recent trend in the technology that give Data Security, Data Storage, accessing applications and more.  In simple manner, Just think you send mail to your family, fellows and other business delegates with attachments of small sized file to large sized file, now think what the intermediate medium that holds your data or that protects your data till your recipient gets! It is Cloud which gives security to your data. Cloud Computing is the fifth generation of computing technology.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

We define cloud computing as it is the metaphor used for internet. In general, Cloud Computing is a latest trend or technology that uses internet & other remote servers to preserve data and various applications. With the help of Cloud Computing technology, User can access their applications and data without installation and access their personal files respectively at any computer with internet facility. As I already told about example of Cloud Computing that accessing your Email accounts like Yahoo mail, Gmail, or Hotmail without using any software or application or server. It is much more efficient method of accessing data by centralized storage, bandwidth with memory storage. It is also virtual sharing of data, resources, application and software including other resources and hosting to customers on a pay as you use basis. This technology will allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Computing architecture consists of two components, which are listed as follows:

1.  Front End

  1. Back End


1. Front End

It consists of client’s device or computer network in which user access their cloud computing system by using some applications and software.

2. Back End

It refers to the cloud itself which includes various computer systems, data storage devices and servers. Group of these devices together constitutes the whole network of cloud computing system. The whole system is monitored by a central server to keep eyes on client’s computer and to fill their demand and also to smoothen the process when it gets traffic.

Cloud computing service providers, provides service of Data Redundancy that helps to restore client’s data when client’s device gets damage. Data Redundancy is possible only when cloud computing service providers keep copy of client’s data. Generally, “Middleware” software is used to communicate with computers that are connected on same network.

Deployment Models of Cloud Computing

There are four different deployment model of cloud computing are following:

1. Public Cloud

It is self-service basis over the internet or it is service provided by off-site third party who bills according to their criteria.

2. Community Cloud

It is more expensive cloud computing service that provides higher level of security, privacy and other authorities’ services. Actually it occurs only when many organizations have similar demand to access cloud computing services.

3. Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid means combination that is in this section user benefited by combining two separate clouds and that combination will be combination of physical hardware and virtual cloud server.

4. Private Cloud

In this sections Company hosts own set of hardware and software for cloud services. It is very costly but gives more security.

Service Models of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing providers, gives their services according to following fundamental models:

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In includes most basic cloud services like Virtual machines, Servers, Storage, Load balances and Network. Without these components it will not work.

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

It offers computing platform which includes Operating systems, database, webserver, programming language and other development tools.

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this section, cloud providers install and access applications and software that includes CRM, Email, Virtual Desktop, Communication systems, Emulator, etc.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. Reduction in expenditure on Hardware & Software Deployment.
  2. Independent of location i.e., we can use everywhere with the help on Internet.
  3. Effective Increase in Competitive environment.
  4. Good security at economical cost.
  5. Low maintenance cost.
  6. More flexibility.

More concentration in core business.

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