Google Sites Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS

Google Sites is meant to publish your web pages for free, which people enjoy using it. The giant search engine is seen adding an automatic mobile rendering feature which helps you to make your website quite mobile phone friendly while you use any Android 2.2+ or iOS 3.0 based devices. With this new setting, you can see things better on your cellphone devices which will help you to adjust site automatically. This can be activated in the site management page where you will find the point pages getting designed for desktop viewing. In this way, you will be helped to display things in a much better web format. You are therefore not required to pinch your zoom buttons to read the content of the web pages.

Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS
Automatic Mobile Rendering for iOS

For improved looking sites: The automatic mobile rendering which is seen getting added to Google Sites, you can be called as another element added to a plethora of features. When you just tick this feature, you can simply see the site getting adjusted to the mobile phones box in the manage site menu, thus helping your site content more readable on your smartphone using operating systems like Android 2.2 and its higher versions and or iOS 3.0 or greater versions. This has just appeared after the content addition feature seen working out via third party making things better and bigger for the Sites users.

Also, before implementing this feature for the sites, you can get the preview by setting it to a preview mode. This will therefore allow you to see how the results will appear on your cellphone device. Thus you can simply notice the inevitable enhancements like proper adjustment of width of the site as per your phone device’s page width, good alignment of page header layout and the top bar, along with proper management of sidebars.

Even the horizontal navigation of the site becomes smooth along with giving better shape to interaction and the dropdown links. So what more would the Android or iOS based users would aspire.

The added mobile versions: Google is also seen adding the mobile versions wherein you can see the site list, browse the various sites categories, sites search which can be easily accessed via your smartphones. You may not call this as something great; however, if you are running Google Site or any of your friends is using it, it would simply not hurt you or him to flip the switch on mobile device viewing, which will be certainly appreciated by your visitors. Anything which can make your sites easy to use on a mobile device can be certainly called as a good thing. In fact, after, Google Sites is the second one to add this instant activation features for its users to go through this priceless thing to achieve this functionality and thus get an edge. So the Sites users would also be able to include Google Docs videos into their websites which is certainly an easy way to connect your video creations to your websites.

You can see some dramatic and drastic changes taking place in the mobile web and the way people use content. At such juncture, it has become vital for the publishers to render a better mobile user experience. With this in mind, Google has added the Automatic Mobile Rendering feature in Google Sites. This addition has become prettier for the smartphone users who employ operating systems like Android 2.2 + or iOS 3.0. So now when any user visits the Google Sites website on any of these devices they can get a better view over their small and sleeker screens.

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