Why Should I Have a Facebook Fan Page for My Business

With people around the world spending 500 billion minutes on Facebook per month, it is no wonder that many businesses are looking to this social networking site for their own needs. Facebook has released a handful of useful tools that are geared to make their website one of the leading platforms for company/customer interactions. For any business owner or marketing director, here is a look at some of the amazing benefits of expanding into this social networking site.

Facebook fan page

Marketing Opportunities

Even with with a perfect advertising campaign, reaching the required demographics a majority of the time can still be hit or miss. TV, radio, or printed advertisements may seem like they do relatively well for attracting customers, but the nature of Facebook makes it exponentially more efficient. With every Facebook user inputting their age, location, beliefs, relationship status, and sex, companies can target only the ideal demographic every single time. This means more customers that will directly translate into increased revenue. For companies that are looking to expand their customer base, Facebook’s 800 million active members are a great place to begin searching.

Traffic Opportunities

The very nature of a social networking site makes it a perfect place to look for traffic that could lead to new customers. With Facebook users sharing links and liking pages, the customers themselves become one of the most effective advertisers. Businesses that opt to create their own fan page will find customers spend more time posting and discussing on their page, which in turn will attract new visitors. Some of the leading fan pages for businesses draw in tens of thousands of unique visitors every single day.

SEO Opportunities

The difference between a business with a successful online presence and an unsuccessful online presence will always come down to search engine optimization. Landing in the first few spots for any popular search term can be one of the most valuable positions that any company could have. In just the past few months, major search engines such as Bing and Google have placed much more weight behind social networking sites. Companies and their products or services that are liked and mentioned will find a huge boost to their search rankings outside of Facebook. The search engines closely monitor these sites to increase the weight and rankings behind all keywords.

Communicate With Customers

Every successful company is going to rely on feedback from their customers. Unfortunately, feedback often turns into a one way conversation instead of a dialogue. With the ability to quickly and easily respond to customers, Facebook has once again transformed the nature of business. Those that are maintaining a fan page can instantly thank customers for praise or address any issues that unsatisfied customers may have.

Effective Marketing

Not only is setting up a fan page one of the most efficient ways of marketing on Facebook, it is completely free. Whether a company is exclusively based online or has its own storefront, owners will find that a fan page brings in a vast number of unique visitors to their website or store. Facebook also offers unique sponsored advertisements to attract visitors to a website or the fan page itself. Pay-per-click ads will result in almost every advertising dollar drawing in new customers. Businesses can also choose to utilize ads in which they pay for every viewing. A daily budget can be set and Facebook will even help to design the advertisements to coincide with the look and feel of Facebook itself.

Making the Page

With so many benefits, there is almost no drawback for creating a Facebook fan page for any business. It remains one of the most effective marketing and customer interaction platforms that has ever been developed. Any business that is looking towards the future with optimism should look to this social networking site today.

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