How To Download Facebook Album Photos

Facebook is no.1 social networking site with over 11 percent of world’s population. Millions of pictures are uploaded daily by the users all over the world. Facebook provides rich features in photo uploading and also supports other features like tagging photos, dropping comments etc. But regarding the safety of pictures, Facebook does not provide much user friendly that it should provide.

Although, the Facebook allows the users to backup their photos by downloading them but still it is not much featured as all the photos need to be downloaded one by one. This may be simple in some cases when we want to download only one or two photos, but what if we want to download all the photos from an album and that album contains hundreds of pictures????Can it be done one by one???

Facebook Album

Really, It  would be very time consuming to download them all one by one.

But Now You don’t need to worry about this because here is  the way to download the entire Facebook album in few seconds…..The trick involves the use of add on or plugins in the popular browsers. The trick works for both most popular browsers i.e. Google Chrome and Firefox.

If you are chrome user then here’s how you go for the trick.

Using Google Chrome Extension

1. Make Sure you already have Google Chrome on your system and is running fine without any crashes. Now Download the Google chrome extension to Download the Facebook album here .

Google chrome extension to Download the Facebook album

Install the extension on Chrome and after installing open the Facebook Photo album you want to download, so that all thumbnails appear there.

Now click on the button in your address bar as shown below:

This will open a new page containing all the photos of the album. This is a regular web page and you can save it easily by just pressing Ctrl+S .In Windows or Command+S in Mac, you can also save it by selecting “save as” option by right clicking on the page, but don’t forget to select the webpage, complete option from save as type while saving the page. This will make a folder on your saving location and the newly created folder will contain all the photos of that album which you can view in your default image viewer. There will be HTML copy also be saved along with photos. You can access the webpage offline anytime. But this HTML webpage is not any necessary file, you can just ignore it or can delete it as well if you want.

Note: Before using this extension I will like to inform you that this extension can access your Facebook data and your personal details as well. This extension can access your Facebook history as well so please try it only at your own risk.

Using Mozilla Firefox Add on

There is also an add on available for Mozilla Firefox 4.0 to download the Facebook albums in just one click. This has been downloaded many times and average rating of this add on is above average. It requires no restart for its complete installation. To use the add on follow the following steps.

1. First of all download the Mozilla Firefox add on here.

2. After installing the add on, point your browser to the Facebook album, the one whose photos you wish to download.

3. Right click on the name of the album you want to download.

4. Right clicking the album name will open a bunch of options, Select the fluschipranie’s download option from there which will open a Dialog box.

5. Give the Base name to your photos. You can give any desires base name. Base name is the name from which each photo will begin followed by numbers 1,2,3 and so on.

You can also check the Facebook’s Prefix Box to save it with the same name as used by the Facebook. Once done you can see your Downloaded photos in your saving location with the same name which you used previously.

Besides using the extensions for browsers, there is an online tool also for the same cause. The tool is named as PicknZip tool.

Using PicknZip Online Tool

Pick n Zip is an online tool that can be used to download the entire album of your friends or the photos in you were tagged in on Facebook.

All you have to do this is to go the site. There you just need to login with your Facebook account. This will result in the integration of your Facebook account with PicknZip and it will show the entire list of your Facebook friends. Select the Friend name, of which you want to download the photos.

Now all the albums of your friend will be listed .Select the photo or entire album you want to Download .This online tool is best choice for you if you do not want to install too many Extensions or Add on your browser. The best part of this tool is that it is completely free of cost. With the help of this great online tool you can even download the photos from the Facebook Groups or Pages. This tool becomes favorite of many users as we don’t need to download any kind of software for it. The process is simple as pointing to their website. logging in and getting access to all its features.

The Pick n Zip is not the only online tool which provides you this feature. I am explaining it because it is my favorite and is simple to use as well. There are also another tools like photograbber, fotobounce that are desktop softwares (means you need to download and install the software) to download the Facebook albums. Downloading any unknown or third party software may be discomfort for many users.

Actually it does not depend that which method you use for downloading Facebook albums. Depending upon user interest and ease one may go for the extensions or add on and the other may go for online tools. Use whatever you want, all the above tools are checked and used by me personally and I must say that all work like a charm. So use this trick now because who knows one day you need to download a big Photo album, then you will say thanks to this tutorial surely. Keep Remember that downloading huge Facebook albums is head paining task……..but not for you now.

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