Marketing Your Facebook Timeline without an SEO Services Company

The Facebook timeline is great for updating your profile. Beyond updating status and sharing interesting posts, the timeline of your Facebook profile could do a lot more. It has marketing potentials for your business as well. The social media marketing potential of Facebook is not unknown to anyone who is in the internet business and now the Facebook timeline is here to help you market your newly started business effectively on the internet.

Facebook timeline

In this article, you will find some ideas that would help you promote your company online, without the help of an SEO Services company.

  • Privacy Settings : Time to Loosen the Strings a Bit: If you want people to know about your business, you need to be a little easy on the way you have adjusted your privacy settings. This would allow your business information to be viewed by your friends as well as those who are not on your friends list. This could be done while maintaining your privacy of other things in your profile.
  • Make Your Timeline Look Professional: Showing inappropriate wall posts to your potential customers is not a very professional attitude. In order to look professional in the eyes of the beholder, remove all things unprofessional from your timeline. You can hide all inappropriate posts as well. Go to the ‘activity log’ feature and edit your profile accordingly. Invest some time on editing your profile. You will not regret the outcome.
  • Showcase Your Achievements: Since you are taking care of marketing your business yourself, use your timeline the way Facebook wants you to. You already have a biography ready in your timeline, now the rest is about how you manage it. Include all your achievements, right from the day you launched your company to the day when you are updating your profile. Every event of your business should be there on your timeline. You do not need help from an SEO services India to do this.
  • Ever Heard of Creating A Business Card from Your Timeline? Yes it’s possible. Facebook has united with, makers of customized business cards. This means, you can now create your very own business card easily with your timeline.
  • Flaunt Your Personality: Let your profile covers do the talking for you. Choose a cover photo that is relevant to your business and can convey your business message in an interesting way. There are lots of things to choose from such as patterns, textures, natural images or some abstract artwork. As long as it goes with the niche you cater to, it is effective for your cover photo.

Final Words:

Update your timeline regularly. Remember to remove or hide inappropriate content and posts. Adhering to the aforementioned steps will help you appear professional before your prospective clients/customers and they will spontaneously want to maintain a business relationship with you if your profile is always updated with the right content, in the right manner.

It is of no doubt that you need social media marketing in this era, but you should also exploit the power of your Facebook timeline. Let an SEO Services Company India take care of your internet marketing while you market your business through your very own, powerful platform – your Facebook profile

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