5 apps to help you sell goods on Facebook

Facebook, the most well connected and the most well established social networking website is the most comprehensive platform for small business owners. With a large network on facebook and its superb ability to attract people through videos, updates, pages, pics etc. it is the best way to actually reach out to them and sell the products with a multi-integrated network with numerous apps that further these businessmen to increase their business online through these apps. This article includes the top 5 apps on Facebook to sell goods.

1. Vendorshop:


Vendorshop is a free app on facebook that helps the seller to directly sell his/her good to their fans through the page of the store itself. The transactions are completely secured which brings a relief to the customers and a plus point that you can buy the products without actually being redirected to the website. Also features like digital coupons are a great factor that enables the sellers to promote their business a great deal.

2. Ecwid:

Another great free app that integrates the store of your website with the facebook store itself. The best thing is that you can manage all this through one single control panel. This app attracts international customer by offering 37 set of language and multiple ways of payment hence extending your business overseas as well.

3. Payment:

An app on facebook that establishes itself and list down unlimited products onto the facebook page. The app comes for free but can be upgraded to give extra features to track sales and implement marketing techniques combining to form facebook mall that reaches out to more than just the fans of your page extending your business widely.

4. Beetailer:

Got a large store and don’t have the time to add each new product onto the list of the already existing database of products?? Then beetailer is the right app for you that imports the product listing on your already existing store. Comes for free and can be upgraded for better marketing tools.

5. Shoptab:

Shoptab is another free app that ranges up to 20$ based onto the requirement of the seller. This app has a capability to attract a great number of international customer as it has a listing of over 40 currency hence making transaction simple and understandable to all. You can easily manage your product list and add edit them easily too.
Using of any of the above apps shall definitely clear up the business track for the betterment of your business online and shall be of a great use through these apps listed above.

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