Reduce Loading Time

Google has recently started considering page’s loading time as an important factor for page ranking on its search engine result page (SERP). A page which takes a lot of time to get loaded up are ranked lower than a page which loads faster. So reducing page’s loading time becomes quite mandatory if you are aiming at increasing your blog’s traffic. Here, we have compiled the list of some really classic ways to reduce your blog’s loading time which can help it to rank better in SERP. The tips go like this –

Loading Time

Get a Good Hosting

If you are having a self-hosted blog, the one like we create on then I suggest you to get an awesome quality webhosting for your website. Because it is the hosting only from where your site’s data gets loaded up. I suggest you to go with Hostgator hosting.

Don’t Use Too Many Plugins

Plugins can considerably slow down your site’s loading time. So trying keeping them as low as you can because it decreases your site’s loading time by an amazing gap, you will notice it yourself. If it’s mandatory to use certain plugins then I suggest you to find the ones which take really less time to load.

Keep your Database Simple

Simple database loads faster than the complicated and blundered up database and it’s a proven fact. Keeping your database simple can help you a lot because plugins don’t have to dig too much deep into your database to get loaded up.

Theme Matters

Theme matters the most in a blog. If your blog is having a fast loading theme then it’s quite obvious that it will take a very less time to load up as compared to the heavy theme. You can hire web developers and web designers to increase your site’s efficiency.

Don’t Use too much Scripts and Images

Java scripts are really powerful and take a lot of time to get loaded. So don’t use too much java scripts on your site. Minimize the amount of Java Scripts on your site, try finding the alternatives. Images too can take a lot of time to get shown up so don’t use too many images in one single post. Be specific and use as less images as you can.

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