Not All eReaders are Created Equal

At this point, this is nothing new. Tablets and eBook readers are popular. You can carry hundreds of your favorite books in a device smaller than a single printed novel. Wonderful. If you don’t have one of these devices, you might as well be living by candle light in a hut. Buy one! But take head, not all eReaders on the market today are worth it.

There are a vast and ever increasing number of eBook readers available today being offered from dozens of different brands. Apple, Velocity, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Amazon, Sharper Image, Pandigital, Kobo, and countless others give you a way to read your favorite books on a tablet in lieu of a the hassle of turning pages in a book. How can you possibly sift through all these readers to find the right one? Fortunately, there is only one eReader worth buying: the Amazon Kindle. Not the new Kindle Fire, but the standard, touch screen-less Kindle.

One of the major problems with eReaders like Barnes & Noble’s NOOK and Pandigital’s Book Reader is that the designers are trying to jam as many apps and features into their devices as possible. They are essentially trying to re-invent the iPad. That makes these offerings completely irrelevant, like buying a knock off version of a Rolex watch on the streets in New York City. The fact that these tablets allow you to read eBooks is simply an afterthought. If you need a device that surfs the web and lets you play games and operates like an iPad, buy an iPad. These devices are not eReaders, they are attempting to catch every aspect of the handheld market and instead get none.

But far and away, the bigger problem with creating a device that operates like an iPad is that all these eReaders come equipped with screens like a computer monitor. This punishes your eyes. It is painful to look at a computer screen for too long a period of time at work, and that is exactly what these readers are: a computer screen. It is baffling how you can create a device intended for looking directly at it for extended periods of time that causes you physical harm. How can you sit back and enjoy a book when the screen is murdering your eyesight? Only the kindle offers a display that is resembles a book, making it usable for long periods of time.


Somehow, the wizards at Amazon have figured out that looking into a digital screen is a bad for reading, and they were able to develop a screen that is soft around the edges and easy to view. This is proof that the technology exists, and yet no other company in the eReader market has adopted this technology.

Thankfully, this makes the process of choosing an eReader or tablet extremely simple: If you want a tablet computer that you can read the occasional book on, buy an iPad. If you only want a device to read eBooks on, buy a standard Amazon Kindle. Anything else is just foolish.

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