Top 5 Tips to Reduce Workload

Nowadays everyone is busy with work, be it even a school student or a big businessman. Everyone has his/her own tasks to do and that too in a given limit of time. This all is leading to hyper workload. Workload can cause you some serious illnesses like headaches, obesity etc and I am sure you don’t want that to happen. What to do? Just reduce your daily workload. Reducing workload can be really difficult, more difficult than it seems. Here are some tips to reduce workload, but remember, just don’t try only these tips, try to devise some new ways yourself.

reduce workload

Make a Time Table

Making a time table can help you by great extent to manage your daily working timings. Remember time table is one of the most common ways to manage work timings. You will yourself notice, while making the time table, where you can curtail the working hours. You can even try stop doing things like watching more TV, listening to music etc and instead you can get some sleep. That will relax your mind.

Work from Home

Working from home is really efficient. You can save your time and money as well while working from home. You don’t have to pay for the cab, parking fees, paying for fuel, paying for car maintenance etc if you are working from home. You will save a lot of your time if you will work from home, the time you would have spent on a to and fro journey to your workplace.

Learn to say No

This is the key. Learn to say no to the people who can increase your workload. Saying no is difficult but it’s worth doing. Say it in a bit classic way, like “I am sorry sir, but I am already booked”. This will not hurt the person’s feeling and can even fetch you some good results. Learn to say no to your colleagues, boss and other staff members.

Try to Hangout

Hanging out with friends is real fun! Especially when you do it after working for so long. Ask your friends to accompany you; you guys will surely have some really joyful moments. Hit the nearby bars, coffee shops, ice-cream parlors etc. You can even try going on a long drive with your best friends.

Don’t be a Donkey

You are human not a donkey! Try to take as less work as possible. This way you will surely reduce your work load. As I have already mentioned, learn to say no. Accept only that much that you can do happily, don’t overload yourself with too much work. This will only increase your workload, nothing else.

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