Best Free Apps for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riding is a favorite pastime of both men and women.  From the thrill of the speed to the scenery all riders have a reason why they just can’t let their motorcycle go.  There are several free apps that can come in handy while on the road.

Apps for Motorcycle Riders

The Greatest Road Motorcycle Rider GPS Road Finder is a must have for any rider.  This app allows riders to find the best roads to take when traveling.  The recommended roads are based on the recommendation of fellow bikers.  This is a handy app especially for long drives because riders can be warned about things such as road construction, accidents or even closed roads.  In addition riders traveling to unfamiliar territory can get help from fellow riders.  Riders can also easily access Google Maps if they need a little help with directions.

Weatherbug is another must have app.  Since motorcycle riders are exposed directly to the elements it helps to know about the weather.  Find out important factors such as wind speed and if any storms are nearby.  Gusty winds or riding into harsh storms can be hazardous to riders because they have less protection so it’s important to keep track of the weather while traveling.  In addition riders can receive weather alerts as they travel from place to place just to make sure that they are aware of rain or any potential threatening weather.  If there is dangerous weather in the area riders have the ability to directly track the weather pattern from their phone and determine a better route to take.

One of the first things that riders need to have is a sense of direction.  The MapQuest App can make sure that riders know exactly where they are going.  It is a free app so users can easily download it and enjoy features such as turn by turn directions which help riders from having to look down at an actual screen or pull over and look at a map.  In addition MapQuest has a search option which allows riders to search for nearby places.  Riders can look for nearby restaurants, shopping venues, campgrounds and even hotels which can really come in handy after a long day on the road.

The insurance company Allstate has also released a motorcycle app worth looking into.  The GoodRide app provides riders with a lot of key options. Riders can use it to plan their ride before they ever get on the road and monitor local weather as well as gas prices. It is unique because it allows riders to share their trip details with their social media network.  Bikers can keep a record of their trips including the number of miles they drove, and how long it took.  They can even leave notes about gas mileage and other notable comments.

Motorcycle rider’s love taking their bike out for a spin but it is important that they are safe and aware of their surroundings.  These are just a few apps that can help out when bikers are traveling and help make things a lot easier and best of all they are free.

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