Sony Experia Sola–Super Fast performance with no touch Touch Screen

Sony has always been good at coming with smart and innovative products that make us stare at them with disbelief and awe, and this time around, Sony has gone an extra mile by unveiling its latest initiative on the form of Sony Experia Sola.

Sony Experia Sola

Sony Experia Sola like the rest of the clan is running on Android and provide ultimate level of performance in all the fronts. The best part of this innovative smartphone is that it gives you the ability to make whatever changes you may want to suits your taste. As it comes equipped with Xperia SmartTags, you would not have to muddle or huddle around the maze of setting to be able to personalize things. Simple and irresistible, this innovative smartphone is certainly for the next generator power users, but still, it can be your perfect companion if you are just looking forward to have some serious fun. This phone, (oh sorry do not call it a simple phone, it is much more than that), for the time being is available in Black but soon red and white variations is most likely to get launched worldwide.

Lets Look At Some of Its Fascinating Features:

Touchscreen With No Touch Feature: This is something that you can expect from Sony. This magic device come with an innovative technique known as floating touch that will let the make the life easier for those who spend most of their time online. This technology will let you navigate the web and that too without requiring you to touch the screen. All you need to do is hover your fingers above the screen and it will act like a moving cursor. Browsing has been made fun with this magic device, and once you come close to a link, it will get highlighted automatically and all you require is to tap on the screen and there you go. So, it is a perfect fusion of unlimited entertainment and great technological advancement.

Simplify the everyday with SmartTags:

The good thing about Sony Experia Sola is that it is being equipped with the latest NFC Xperia SmartTags that further simplifies experience of smartphone users. Touch an NFC Android smartphone on a SmartTag and a pre-configured profile will pop up. And the good news is that the SmartTags are highly customizable and you can give personal touches to at 10 commands. Wishing more? Here are they. Sony Experia Sola comes with greater connectivity with other services, applications and NFC smartphones and this can be done by tapping them together. Final word, simplicity is what you are supposed to have at Sony Experia Solo.

Entertainment Always:

Display is where Sony Score a perfect ten. Its razor sharp clarity is a gift of its Mobile BRAVIA® Engine, xLOUD™ and the sound quality is anything but ordinary. Truly crystal clear sound quality to keep you engaged in the noisiest zone. However, if you wish to have some in-depth information about its performance, then Experia Solo is the baby that you would like to have. Powered by a thundering 1GHz dual-core processor, Sony Experia Solo offers superb performance no matter what. And of course there is Sony Entertainment Network where users can watch Bollywood flicks via Video Unlimited or listen to millions of songs via Music Unlimited.

Here is a quick roundup of what Sony Experia Solo is supposed to offer you:

Floating navigation that does not require any touch Experia SmartTags for quick sharing of content Great quality pictures than to the presence of Mobile BRAVIA Engine
Blazing fast performance courtesy 1GHz dual-core processor Will be upgraded to Android 4.0 during summer 2012.

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