Top 5 WordPress Plugins

WordPress is most popular blogging platform on the Internet. It provides most user-friendly experience to the blogger. WordPress has changed the way of blogging with its easy to use facilities and features. Most of bloggers use WordPress as their blogging platform. There are lots of bloggers on the Internet those does not have knowledge on coding. That’s why WordPress has provided facility of plugin which provides a way to implement specified code with one-click installation. This facility of WordPress has changed the way of blogging.

I have created list of Top 5 WordPress plugins which must be installed in your blog to take your blog to the next level.

1. Wordpress SEO Plugin

This amazing plugin was developed by Joost de Valk. It will help you to make your post/article SEO friendly. I am also using this plugin since I have started my blogging career. Most amazing feature of WordPress SEO Plugin is focus keyword where you have to give your keyword for which you want to rank in search engine. Most good feature is Snippet Preview which provides you preview of your post as like seen in search Engine. It is one of the best plugin in Top 5 WordPress Plugin.

Wordpress SEO Plugin

2. W3 Total Cache

It will decrease your blog’s load time. So, it improves your user experience at next level. This is must have plugin if you have good numbers of visitors daily. It will cache your website/blog to load very fast.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

Every website must have sitemaps to be crawled easily by Search Engine. Making sitemaps is easy task if you use Google XML Sitemaps in your blog. This providesone-click installation in your blog to create XML sitemaps which will be easily crawled by every search engine. It will improve your crawling rate.

4. Akismet

If you have blog then lots of people will come to your blog to comment on it. This is good thing that lots of people will comment on your blog but what about when some automatic tools will overflow your blog with comments? Then Akismet will help you to filter spam comments. I am also using this plugin to filter spam comments. I am recommending you this plugin in my list of Top 5 WordPress plugin.

5. Broken Link Checker

Every blog has so many links with their posts. Sometime pointing someone’s link will create negative impression if it generates 404 on landing page. So, it is veryimportant to check every link in your posts with landing page. Broken Link Checker will check broken links with every post in your blog.

I hope you have installed above Top 5 WordPress plugins in your blog/website. If you haven’t installed it in your blog then do it fast now.

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