Best Games for Your iPhone 4s

If you are having an iPhone 4S and you love games, then you can get access to the best games which are specially designed for your iPhone 4S. If you are interested in testing the powerful processer of your iPhone 4S with some powerful games, then you have to give a shot to some of the games on your iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4s

Below mentioned are some of the games which you must try on your iPhone 4S

Grand Theft Auto 3: This game will surely give you a new definition of high speed. This game has been in use since the past ten years and users are still spell bounded with this game. Only an iPhone and iPad with a powerful processer like A5 can handle the high capacity game.

Scribblenauts Remix: This game has been liked by people the most who are using iPhone 4S. If you are interested in playing puzzles and use your mind, then this game would be the perfect choice for you. This game involves different steps and levels, which requires solving puzzles strategically. This is a fifty level game, which requires intense attention for solving them.  If you are taking use of your iPhone 4S, for playing this game, then you will get additional ten levels to make the game more fun. These levels are like bonus levels that will enhance your gaming experience. As iPhone 4S is equipped with a high-tech A5 processer, so you will be having a wonderful gaming experience.

Captain America: One of the most sought after superhero is Captain America. In this game, you can get hand-to-hand with captain America and help the super hero in saving the world from evil and danger.  This is a game, which is different in all forms from others and gives you a wonderful gaming experience. You will be able to control the game with your fingertips with ease. The action of the game will mesmerize you as you can throw the captain’s Shield on your enemies. You can even bash your enemies and smash their brains out. As different levels of obstacles are there, you can take use of different features to play them as per your convenience. You can fly and hop out of problems and save the world as Captain America.

Angry Birds: This is a game, which is loved by all generations. As pigs stole your eggs, you can out lash your anger on them. This game is having different levels consisting of various methods and techniques which you can take into use for defeating the pigs and getting back your eggs.

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