Secure Workspace And The Internet Company

Most companies have employees that believe that security procedures are not only inconvenient, but they also believe that they get in the way of progress and efficiency. Nothing can be further from the truth. In fact, the better the security that is in place, the easier that everyone’s job gets to be.

Secure Workspace

A good, strong secure workspace goes much further than the interface and the interoffice network spaces, it goes well beyond the walls of the office into the Internet and even further. All security first begins at the office and then spreads out from that point. The facts are that in this year and the next few years to come, there is going to be more information shared across secure Internet connections than ever before.

In order to maintain the same level of service and go even further, a company will have to ensure that security is the number one factor. An employee that can work from the office and from an alternate location becomes even more efficient than ever before. Excuses become a thing of the past as there is absolutely no reason that a file cannot be transferred from the home office and vice versa.


Integrity has more to its definition than most people thought. It is about being whole and about being solid. When an external company looks to your company and examines the security infrastructure, the word that should come to mind is integrity. A whole and complete structure that cannot be breached no matter what is the picture that should come to mind.

It is this kind of workspace that allows for employees and client to exchange information and confidential files back and forth without the single worry about safety. No one wants to worry every time they move a confidential file from one location to another. It should be as simple and easy as carrying a file folder to the other end of the office.

Security is also not something that employees need to administer to a great degree themselves. This places too much responsibility in a place where it is likely to fail. This is not to speak poorly of employees; it is simply a fact that someone, as some point will forget to secure a file or password protect a USB. That is why the security should be built right into the workspace itself.

Proven Methods

A branch of the military experimented with a security measure on a ship that had been given a great deal of thought. The system was devised to save time. There were more than 250 computer terminals that performed various functions, some very secure and others more mundane. The entire system operated on a system that was vaguely like Windows NT. An officer that needed to make a change in a system would have to log the enlisted user out, log in, make the change and then log out.

This was a slow system when something important needed to be done. A system was devised where the officer would wear a card around their neck that would automatically log them into a system when they were within certain proximity. Then, the enlisted person could make the approved change and once the officer walked away the system would return to normal.

The testing phase for this system exposed just why any system needs to be thoroughly tested. A typical military ship is built for economy of space and many places on the ship have very little walking room. Because of the nature of the security device and the tight quarters, as an officer would walk from one part of the ship to another, every computer that they passed would briefly become a fully authorized computer.

This has become something that people laugh at from time to time, it was caught in the testing phase and there was no real damage, but it shows why a security system needs to be fully tested and by a qualified company. An individual company that devises their own security protocols may be as blind as the developers of the military system.

It is not a matter of ignorance; it is just a fact that no single group can foresee every possible scenario. It is best to stick to the experts that have staff upon staff testing and re-testing security. They not only make efficient and secure workspaces, but ensure that there will be no mishaps later down the line.

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