Make yourself a professional SEM or SEO

To be a featured SEM/SEO we must understand the working of the search engines. How they searches the web site, what kind of algorithms they are using for ranking the pages so that our web site can get higher ranking. Marketing requires that you can get more publicity and internet is the best way to get publicity. The web sites fights to get higher rank. This is the task of a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) that how their web site can get higher rank.

Search engines use some algorithm for providing the rank to the web page. Different search engine uses different type of algorithms. But the basic concept on what search engines works is matching of content of your web site with the query provided by the end users. The searching on the internet works as a democratic system. The search engine provides some points to each web site and using these points they gives rank to each web site on a searching. Following are one of the parameter that a search engines use for providing a rank to web sites.

Significance– If a web site “X” is having a link of web site “Y” then it means the web site “X” is voting for web site “Y”. So whenever search engine get that a web site is giving a vote to another web site than it gives some points to the web site that is getting votes from another web site.

This is the responsibility of a SEO/SEM how he gets the votes from other web sites. For this purpose SEO/SEM markets their web sites, shares the links of their web site with other web site, gives advertisements on other web sites.

Consequences– the search engine scans the content of the web sites and matches the content with the searched query provided by the user for searching. If the content of your web site matches with the keywords used in the query then it provides some points to your web site. To get the relevancy in your web site try to think about the different query structure. How the user can write a single query for searching. There are a large number of tools existing from Overture, Google, and third party software developers that build the keyword research procedure more effortless.

Now days each and every online business company wants to get the first rank on the Google’s page because Google covers 90% of market of all search engines. If your web site gets first rank on the Google’s then it will increase income of your company. That’s why companies give a high pay to a SEO. There are some ways that can improve the strength of a SEO to design a popular website.

  • Add blogs in your web site so that your web site updates regularly. The user comments on the blogs and write some new blogs also that will provide fresh contents to your web site. Just because the search engines loves fresh contents so your web site will get high rank.
  • The developers must use external script files and external css files because due to the embedded codes in web pages the search engine faces the problem and wastes unnecessary time in examining the unnecessary code.
  • This is the duty of a SEO to check and repair broken links on web site in a scheduled manner, and update the web site and remove the old pages from the Web server.
  • It is a duty of SEO to ensure that all the pages of the web site have filled description and custom titles. Each page of web site must be unique and must have a unique title and description because if each page of your site is having same tags then it means you are not helping the search engine to get the relevance or subject of your individual pages.
  • Build a site map that tells end users where the user desired things are situated on your site. SEO will obtain about a 1% click through rate to your web sites’ site map. The site map helps to the Search Engines also.

Summary: To make yourself a professional SEO /SEM you must know about the working of search engine so you can play with search engine and provide more publicity and profit to your company.

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