Top 48 Games apps For iPhone

iPhone is the best smartphone with the best feature from all other smartphones. iPhone has many unique features which make it better than the best. There are one reason of the high success of the iPhone is its availability of great hardware features such as fast touch response, better camera quality all other stuff. But the thing which is really helpful in standing the iPhone on the no.1 position is the rush of large of smartphones, is the availability of large no. of apps. There are millions of free and paid apps there in the iTunes.

Actually, the people do not buy the smartphones just by checking the hardware features only, they also check the variety of apps which a smartphone can support. Not only the apps, but the iPhone apps store the iTunes has got a large no. of both free and paid games in it. If you love to play games on your iPhone, then you have the option to choose the games from the wide range of games. In Fact, because of the large rush of games in the iTunes, it has become a tough task to choose the right one for you. Therefore I decided to create this post, in which I am going to write about the best iPhone games. This will help in getting right games for you, that suits your interest. So lets have a look on the best games for the iPhone.

1. Dropship

The Dropship stands on the no.1 in the iPhone best games list. This games is most downloaded games from the iTunes and is now available free. You are with the ship in this game and are fighting against the gravity. You need to search the complex vector based cave formations to complete the mission.

2. Tiny Wings

In this game there is small green colored bird with its tiny wings, whose control is totally in your hands. The game is very simple, but quite interesting to play. Just hold the touch screen to descend the small beautiful bird. Release the touch screen in the slope form to use the hills as ramp and to make the small bird to jump.

3. Dr. Awesome Plus

This game for the iPhone is also very good, but to use this game you need to go with the signup at the plus + account, whether you like to do it or not, but you need to complete this to use this game, which is a very wired condition. In this game you have some virus and you need to move the touch screen in such a way that, you cut the infections with it.

4. Groove Coaster

The best Rythm game on the iOS is the Groove Coaster. It is a music related iPhone game. The different 15 stages are there in this game. You need to go level by level to pass the game, which sounds simple to do, but actually is very tough work to do.

5. Sol Free Solitaire

The Solitaire has always been a very popular games whether it is for the PC, Android or iPhone. The one for the iPhone has got very good features in it such as the clean interface, perfect graphics and many more features, which make it to stand on the no.5 position in the list of top apps for iPhone.

6. Mega Mall Story

This one is something with totally different concept. You are with the mall train, whose whole control and balance is in your hand. You need to make the mall in the huge complex, for which you need to control the train perfectly, which is really very interesting thing to go.

7. Flood It

The Flood it game is based on the same concept, on which the game puzzle is based. The Flood It game is a perfect medicine for your brain. To win the game, you need to pass the low levels, which requires you to play the game with full interest and brain. So not only the enjoy, but this game also helps in increasing brain’s memory.

8. Angry Birds

Games apps For iPhone

The popular game of the Android, the Angry Birds is the part of iPhone as well. You can install this game on your iPhone and can get the most entertaining moments with your iPhone. Hitting the glasses with the angry birds is very interesting thing to do.

9. Civilization Revolution

The popular PC game Civilization Revolution, is available there in the iTunes and can be played on the iPhone with best features. It has become past thing now, that only the PC users can access this game. This game is available for iPhone and can be played with the best quality. This is such a game, which takes the mobile gaming beyond the limits, with perfect graphic design.

10. Real Racing GTi

If you love the racing games, then you will like this game as well. The Real Racing GTI is quite  a heavy game and requires lots of space in your card to get installed. The perfect graphics and the best game play are the features, that are present there in this perfect racing game.

11. MazeFinger Plus

Show the power of your finger with this game on your Android. The mazerplus allows you to use the power of your finger. In this game, you need to select the starting and end pint and then you need to move your finger in the same direction, which is simple to sound, but tough to do.

12. Dead Space

If you enjoy the gaming on the PC, the you must be familiar with the game. The same game can be accessed on the iPhone, with all the features, that you get with this game. This game is really a good answer to those, who thinks that iPhone only has the basic games in their database.

13. Trace

Trace is also one of the best games for the iPhone. Just trace the path for your character and take it to the exit location, which is star shapes figure. You can create and erase your own platforms. The difficulty of the game increases with the level to level and you enjoy solving all the puzzles of the game.

14. BankShot

BankShot is the game with simple concept and graphics, but really a very interesting game to enjoy. Sending your orb to the goal, is the task that you get in this game. You need to do it by hitting the orb with at least one wall. The games is one of the few simple games, which are quite interesting to play and to turn your iPhone into a gaming platform for you.

15. Pac Man CE

If you love gaming, then you must be familiar with this game. The game is designed by the original Pac Man designer. The game has got many cool ups and downs for you.The Pac Man Championship Edition is the game, which falls in the Arcade category. The game has got colorful graphics, design and quite attractive interface, which are enough to give you the fun on your iPhone, that you get on the popular gaming platforms.

16. 10 Pin Shuffle

The 10 Pin Shuffle is next interesting game to be played on the iPhone. The game is based on real Bowling game. 10 bottles are there in front of you in this game and you need to hit the bottles with the heavy ball you get. The game is not as easy to play as it sounds. Hitting all the bottles with your ball requires some special skills in this game.

17. Need For Sped Shift

If you love to play the racing games, then you must have the knowledge of Need For Speed Shift, from the EA sports. It is best racing game for the popular gaming platforms and you can enjoy this game on your iPhone as well. The iPhone version of this game has got all the features in it, that you get on the version of this game for the popular gaming platforms. There are many racing games for the iPhone, but with lots of advanced features and brand name EA, this one is best out of them, without any doubt. The Need For Speed Shift is must have game on the iPhone of every racing game lover.

18. Jet Car Stunts

Get ready to drive a crazy car to make some good stunts on your iPhone by playing the Jet Car Stunts game. This game has got very interesting features in it like fresh graphics, cool colors, interesting levels.

19. Baseball Superstars 2010

Baseball superstars for the iPhone is must have game for the lovers of Baseball. The perfect design and graphics of this game make it really very attractive and enjoyable game. The game comes with all the Baseball teams. Just select your team, customize it according to your needs and then get ready to have hands on battle of Baseball. You can play the Exhibition Match or can also go with the tournaments. For all the Baseball fans, this game surely deserves the space on your iPhone.

20. Let’s Golf

Are you Golf lover?? You don’t need to worry then also, as the iPhone has got a golf related game for you as well. The game is Let’s Golf which allows you to play the Golf on your iPhone. There are a big no. of games available for this category for the iPhone, but this one is best having wide variety of teams and very good graphics. For all the Golf fans, this game is must have game on your iPhone.

21. Backbreaker Football

If the Football is the game, that falls in your interest, then this is must have game for your iPhone. This game is perfect for all the Football lovers. You can select your team and can customize it to have match with your opinions. You can go for the single Exhibition match or the Tournament feature is also the part of this game.

22. iCopter Classic

iCopter is also a very interesting to play on iPhone. Just handle the small copter perfectly and protect from being getting strike with the small buildings that you get during the game play. Handling the copter by motion sensor of your iPhone and making the best scores is really a very enjoyable thing to do.

23. Hoggy

In this game you need to grab the fruits within the jars. Cool graphics and attractive colors are the part of this game. The Hoggy has many levels for you, which are locked and you need to open it by completing the tasks given to you. As soon as you complete the jar, you get the key by which you can open the next level. Hoggy is one of the best games for the iPhone with cool features and fast speed.

24. Need For Cheese

It is the Tom Jerry kind of game for the iPhone. Not particularly, but the concept of this game is the same. The Need For Cheese is game related to the cat- rat relation. A no. of black and red, small sized cats are rolling all over the screen to eat your rat. Specially, the red cats are very dangerous for your small and helpless rat. You can defeat all these cats by only the power, which you can get by having the food for your rat, which is the cheese only. So eat the cheese, power up your little hero and then kill all the evil cats to end the level. Need For Cheese, is nice creation for the iPhone and you will surely fall in love with this game, after playing it your iPhone.

25. Candy Train

Another good game for the iPhone, especially for the kids. The small train in this game is out of control. You need to control in such a way so that your hero finds the way to the sweets, which results in the increase in points. Keep eating the sweets to continuously increase your score. The score card and the speed of your Out of control train is displayed on the left side of the screen. The nice, simple concept and cool graphics make it to stand in the list of Top Games For iPhone.

26. Rogue Runner

Control the crazy car and kill all the enemies with the gun that you get with your character. Just leap the big gaps and fly your car and keep shooting your enemy, until you reach the ground. Kill all the enemies and then proceed to the next level to get something more interesting and difficult.

27. Draw Something Free

Do You love to use your iPhone screen as painting platform. If yes, then this game is must have game for you. Draw Something Free is the game that allows to draw some cool images with the  no. of different tools, that you get with this game. You can even save your creation to your iPhone. Using this game, you will like a painter, who is making some crazy and meaningless paintings just for fun. For all the painting lovers, this game is must have game on your iPhone.

28. Temple Run

Temple Run is one of the most downloaded game for the iPhone and you will enjoy playing this game on your iPhone. Steal the shiny things from the Temple and then run your character fast to protect if from the security of the Temple, which is always looking to kill your character.

29. Wind-Up Knight

The concept of the game is very interesting, in which a princess has been kidnapped and the Kind do not send the  whole army to save the princess. Rather it, he sends a knight, whose full control is in your hands. Just overcome all the problems that you face in this game, kill the enemies, save the princess and end up as the hero of the game. The good story, interesting character, cool graphics and attractive colors make this game, a good game to play on your iPhone.

30. Hi, How Are You

Do you know Daniel Johnston? If no, then start it by playing this Hi, How Are You game on your iPhone. The game is a tribute to the life of Daniel Johnston. The game is a great puzzler game, that you will love to play on your iPhone. The good graphics is the other attractive feature of this game.

31. Chess with Friends

Do you like to plat chess with your friends?? If Yes is the answer, then you will be very happy to know that you can do it on your iPhone as well. Chess With Friends is the game for you, which will allow you to use your iPhone as Chess game board, allowing you to have a game with your friends. The game comes in both the free and paid version. In the free version, you need to compromise with the ads, that keep flashing during the game play. The notifications alert is the new feature of this game, which alerts you, whenever it is your turn. This game has got simple interface and very good graphics with it and is must have game for all the Chess game lovers.

32. Triple Town

Use the three specific things and make a one from them, is what is the concept of this game. Use three bushes to make a tree. Use three gravestones to make a church. The game comes in both the free and paid versions. The paid version have some limitations in it, which can be removed by making investment to buy the full version. This game is also very good one to try on the iPhone.

33. Bejeweled

The Bejeweled has always among the top games for the iPhone. The Bejeweled is a very nice game to play on the iPhone. The availability of various modes in this, make it even more interesting to play. The Diamond Mine Mode is also the part of the game, that can expand the flexibility of this game.

34. Cut the Rope

The popular game for the Android Operating System, is the part of the iPhone as well. Cut the Rope is must have game for every iPhone user. The simplicity is the key of success of this game. The paid and free versions are available for you and you can go with any version, according to your desire.

35. Fruit Ninja

The evergreen for the iPhone is also one of the best games and of the most downloaded games or the iPhone. The fruits keep coming on your iPhone’s screen and you use your finger as the sword to cut the fruits. The amazing graphics is one of the best things that you get in this game. The sound which is produced, when you cut the fruits with your finger is very interesting to hear. The game has two modes of play. One mode comes with the time limit and the other is without the time limit. If you are looking to have an entertaining game on your iPhone, then Fruit Ninja is the game, which is waiting for you.

36. Where’s My Water

One of the most popular games for the Apple’s smartphone iPhone is what, really deserve the space on your iPhone. The game is related to tapping the water and becomes even more important for the Plumbers. Not only the plumbers, this game has got very good features for other users as well and it is really a must have game on your iPhone.

37. Brothers In Arms

If you are one of those, who love to play the adventure and action based games, then the Brothers in Arms is the game for you. The game is perfect adventure and action game for you, which has got great graphic features and perfect sound effects as well. You are with your army along with the guns to shoot your enemy. This game comes in the different levels and the difficulty of the game varies from the level to level. This game is must have game for all the action gaming lovers.

38. Spider Man

Talking about the adventure and we will forget to mention the best adventure game, Spider Man, is not going to happen at all. The Game Spider Man is must have game for the fans of this super hero. This game has perfect sound effects and graphics with it, which are always there to make this game more and more interesting and enjoyable to play on your iPhone.

39. Galaxy On Fire

Just take your galaxy in the sky and start firing with it all around. Put all the things down, which comes in your path. The continuous fire by your galaxy, creates a wonderful environment all around. Galaxy on Fire comes with the 3D feature, making this game even more interesting to play. The left side of the screen in this game is filled with the map, which makes it easier to find your location.

40. City Of Wonder

Do you ever wanted to have a city of your choice, the city in which all the places are according to you. The cool iPhone game City Of Wonders to create the city of your own imagination. Create places as you want to create and use this game to full you dreams. No doubt, that you will not be able to visit this city of wonder, but Yes creating such city, will make you feel happy by giving shape to your imagination.

41. Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings is at the top of battle related games for the iPhone. The perfect battle environment is what you get in this game. The best graphic features make it even better than the best. The game play is very interesting and once you start playing the game, you do not want to leave it ever. This game is one of most downloaded games for iPhone. If you love to play battle related games, then Chaos Rings is the game for you. The big monsters coming is this game, make it even more interesting to play and you will in love with this game for sure.

42. FieldRunners

There are thousands of tower defense games available to use on your iPhone, in the Apple’s apps store, iTunes. From all these games FieldRunners is the game, that truly deserves its place in the top iPhone games. You compete with the bad guys in this game by creating the maze with guns, which is really interesting task to do. From all the tower defense games, this one is what deserve space for it in your iPhone.

43.Plants vs. Zombies

This one is the game from the PopCap which is very well known for creating many interesting games for the iPhone. The PopCap has developed many games so far for the iPhone, but the one best out of them and I really like the most is Plants vs. Zombies. This game comes with the wide variety of tools. The 49 different plants, 50 interesting levels, 26 different zombies is the part of this game. The game becomes even more interesting, when you have not played the game on PC ever before.

44. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor

Spider is one of the best adventure games for the iPhone. In this game the character which you control is the spider, which can do wander tasks. You can jump your spider to the various levels and can eat different insects. The game is totally touch controlled game and the graphics you get in this game is just more than awesome. This game is must installed game on the iPhone of every user.

45.Tilt To Live

As the name of this game suggests, just tilt your device to keep your ship away from the gang of really bad guys out there. Use guns and missiles on your enemies to kill them and to survive for long time. Online leader boards is a great feature that you get in this game which allows you to invite your friends to play this game from the popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. So by this you find more tough competitors of yours and enjoy a lot.

46. Words with Friends

The great concept, the good colors and awesome graphics of this game make it one of the best and most downloaded games for the iPhone. The game is a social word game, which allows you to enjoy the words game with your friends. This is kind of game which is played most commonly on every iPhone and whenever you ask any iPhone user the question that whether they have his social word game installed on their iPhone, then for the 99% of the times you get the answer in “Yes I have”. Well, this itself shows the quality of the game. I am sure that you will not like to miss such a good game.

So it was the list of “Best Games For iPhone”. This list is not made by following any particular order of popularity. The games listed here are not related to any particular category. The list contains the best games that comes from the mix categories. Also both the paid and free games are listed in this list.

I hope that you like this long list. If you know any other iPhone game, that we did not mention in this list, then please let us know about it. If you like this post, then please consider sharing it with your friends. For any questions/queries or suggestion please drop your valuable comments in the comment section below.

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