How Linkedin Help To Get More Traffic

To tell about the social networking sites some famous names will come, LinkedIn is one of them. It is a social network where millions of professionals have been gathered. Professionals have made this network different from other social networks even from Facebook. Here professionals can make friendships and share their ideas and views. It is an excellent platform for both of the employers and employees. LinkedIn can help you to generate a lot of traffic to you sites. Some points are as follows.


Q and A section plays a vital role

To establish someone’s credibility question and answer sections plays a very great role. When a person asks a question, he/she asks to know something. Most of them expect answers, if anyone answers a question, the person who asked that question read that answer and follow the links provided there. Thus the Q and A section directly lead the visitors to your site. LinkedIn has an excellent portion of Q and A.

  • Just see the “More” menu on the LinkedIn page.
  • There you will get the “Answers”, click on it.
  • A list of questions will arrive in front of you.
  • Click on the questions that you know, click on “Answer”
  • Answer the question and give relevant links

When that person will click on the link you will get visitors to your site. If your answer and site can satisfy him/her, then you may get a regular visitor to your site just from one answer.

Become the member of groups

There are many groups which have thousands of members. By becoming a member of a certain group which matches with your profession and interest, you can share your opinions and ideas with other members of the group. Certainly this will help you to generate traffic to your site. Always try to use attractive messages which will make other members curious to read the message and follow the provided instructions. You can also create groups, create a group which will be relevant to your blog and invite other friends to join it.

Use LinkedIn Plug-ins on your site

There are many plug-ins which will help you to share your new post with the LinkedIn friends and groups. You can inform the members manually, but by using a plug-in you can save a lot of time. You will just need a few clicks; the post will be submitted and displayed on the LinkedIn.

Invite as many persons as you can

Invite as many people as you can. You can use the current address book of your email service provider via LinkedIn. It will search the email addresses and will help you to be connected. You an also enhance your friends list by inviting your Facebook friends. Just collect the email addresses from their Facebook info pages and invite them through the “add connections” option of the LinkedIn.

There are also many other ways on LinkedIn like connecting LinkedIn with Twitter or enhancing your profile with LinkedIn Apps to generate more visitors to your blog. Complete your profile and keep it updated.

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