Social Networks and Job Prospects

When most people think of social networks they automatically picture a teenager sitting at their computer talking to friends that they see every day, rather than actually ‘talking’ to them. However, social networking is much more than that. With a social network a person is building a relationship with people that can prove to beneficial to them later down the road. However, many people do not think that social networks can prove too beneficial when seeking a job. Yet, once they realize the amount of work that these social networks can do for a person, they will find that this could be one of the best ways in order to find a job.

Social Networks

With that being said, social networks can also be the way in which the person ends up losing a job. Social sites that are allowing people to post information about themselves or pictures of themselves and their friends can backfire on the person. Future employers do look at these sites in order to find out just who they have in their social circle and the way in which they hold themselves in the world. For example, people have lost their opportunity at a job when they have a picture of themselves behaving in a way that shows their wild side, so to say. Therefore, this is something that should also be taken into consideration.

So how can someone get a job through their social network? It is relatively easy. It used to be that the person would post their resume and send this to employers that could be interested. However, with the advantage of social networks is that they can list all of their qualifications and what they are looking for and wait for someone to find them. Many times a person comes across a job opportunity through a close contact that knows someone else. Because of the network, the person is able to reach hundreds of people rather than just those people that are in their close circle.

When wanting to find a job and using social networks, the person should always remember to never burn one contact to get to another. As they never know when this previous contact will come in handy down the road. And since this is a work relationship, all information that is shared should be professional and allow the person to see the potential in hiring you as an employee. There have been several people that have gotten jobs through using social networking and this is only going to increase as the years go by.

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