Top 5 Apps for iPhone and iPad

iPhones and iPads are the hottest selling gadgets from Apple. Both of them have lots of variants, iPhone comes in iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G and iPhone 4S variants but iPad comes in iPad 2 and iPad 3 variants. There is further classification in these variants on the basis of features. The main thing which makes both of these two gadgets so popular is their amazing operating system, iOS 5. iOS 5 is the latest OS for the Apple users and also supports the largest number of apps, which makes its users quite difficult to choose the correct applications for themselves. So we have compiled the list of Top 5 Apps for iPhone and iPad, the list given below includes apps which support iOS 5 and may or may not be free.


iPhone and iPad

iWork app is like the Microsoft Office Suite app for your iOS 5 device. iWork lets you work easily on things like spreadsheets, documents, presentations etc. iWork though is not as powerful as Microsoft Office suite is but it can help you out during emergency kind of situations. It’s also very easy to work using this app as compared to Microsoft Office Suite. iWork includes, iWork Pages, iWork Keynote, iWork Numbers.


Newsstand is an awesome application which seems to be created to satisfy everyone’s need. You can use this app to read the magazines or other things you can subscribe to, like newspapers etc. Using this is app is really easy, it updates itself automatically once the new issue for your subscribed text comes out so you don’t have to linger around on web to check if the new issues are out or not.

Real Racing 2

Real Racing 2 is a game with high-end graphic quality. This app uses the sensors like gyroscope etc on your phone for controlling the car in the race, which means you can control the car just by swindling your device in the direction you want to move the car. Real Racing 2 is one of the hottest selling apps on iTunes store.

iQuick Tweet

iQuick Tweet is created for the twitter loving generation. You can use this app for updating your Twitter status with your latest gossips. This app is quite cheap and it’s worth buying it. iQuick Tweet is really fast, you just open it up, type in the tweet, hit done and you are done. Nothing like ads, slow loading time etc.


foursquare is the most lively app. You can use it for multiple purposes and what fun, it’s completely free. Over 15 million people are already using it which makes this app one of the largest selling apps in the iTunes store. foursquare can be used to find your location, finding near-by shops etc. and you can even use this app as a navigation system!

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