How do you manage blogging stress?

If you are into professional blogging or if blogging earns you money, its natural for you to have some blogging related stress & tensions. I have read many stress management books, and have reached to the conclusion that stress management depends on you and these books can only give you some ideas to think better ideas to manage stress.

blogging stress

For example, taking a break off from your regular schedule of blogging and playing Tennis or playing cricket can relive your mind from all the tensions or maybe you can go out for shopping with your friends or may be go and watch the latest movie. These are some of the methods to manage stress. Some more of them are to get in to gardening, plant saplings, water plants, photograph flowers & fruits, etc. It’s fun.

Why stress management is necessary?

Stress management is very necessary in order to increase your work power. For example too much tension and stress can prevent you from giving your hundred percent. Thus if you have proper stress management skills, you can expect 100% results from yourself. Stress management can even help you to ease your work, think positively, etc. The less the tension, the more cool your mind becomes and thus it stays away from bad or devil minded thoughts.

Ways of managing stress?

As I said above, there are many ways of managing stress and everything depends on what you like and what you would like to do in order to get rid of stress. For some music helps drive stress away while some enjoy watching movies and for some others its sleeping. Find what you like and do what you like to get rid of stress.

A few things you can do to get rid of stress completely,
1. Listen to music
2. Watch comedy films
3. Water plants or in shirt do gardening
4. Take photography as your happy. Some clicks can make you smile and drive your stress away in seconds!
5. Watch a cartoon or a light TV show involving jokes, smiles and less or no action!

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The above are just a few methods that you could use to get rid of stress completely.

What method do I use?

My favorite stress busting method is playing with my pet dog, Bruno. Stress goes away immediately I play with Bruno. Usually I take him for a walk or we both play with a ball. It’s fun! His innocence, happiness and always smiling face drives my stress away completely and it only returns the next day after work 😉
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