Apple iPhone Satisfies Both Business Users and Consumers

One of the main interests of those who purchase a cell phone is simplicity. They are interested in searching for the number they wish to call and placing their calls quickly and easily and with a minimum of hassle. Apple knows what the public wants and has created the iPhone with its customers’ needs in mind.

Apple iPhone

iPhone serves its primary purpose—that of making phone calls—as smoothly and fluidly as it performs its other functions. With the touch of a finger you can call up your list of contacts and select the name and number to dial instantly.

Of particular interest to those in marketing and business is the iPhone’s ability to make conference calls, merging two calls so that both participants can speak at the same time. Conducting business also means being organized, and the iPhone makes it easy to create lists of frequently called numbers.

The iPhone comes with not only still and video cameras, but the ability to edit pictures and videos built right in. Of course, it also comes with a built-in iPod to allow you to bring your music with you no matter where you go.

The iPhone’s built in GPS capability allows you to find your way, and its video playback feature keeps you entertained when you arrive at your destination, displaying the TV shows and movies that you have rented or purchased through iTunes. And of course, the iPhone also lets you watch your favorite YouTube videos.

It’s really not surprising that Apple has packed so many features into its phone, since it has been making computers for such a long time. In fact, many Mac and PC users consider the iPhone to be their “computer on the go.”

If none of the iPhone’s built-in apps serve your purposes, then maybe one of the thousands of available third-party apps will do the trick. LifeTopix, for example, is a multiple database app that allows you to enter an information for several areas of your life. With it you can keep track of tasks and projects, shopping lists, events and more.

Social networking is well represented on the iPhone. The Facebook app allows you to keep on top of all of your Facebook activities, while the Twitter app lets you view and participate in your Twitter feed. WordPress for iPhone even allows you to update your WordPress blog directly from your phone.

PageOnce lets you track your bills, credit cards and investment accounts all in one place. You can receive bill due date reminders, track your frequent flyer miles and mobile minutes and receive important date to reminders.

My Taptu is a social news feed reader that lets you view your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds as visual streams. Fluent News aggregates mobile versions of the top news sources such as the Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, ABC and Al Jazeera into a single, fully customizable interface.

Google Search allows you to search with image recognition technology by taking a picture with your iPhone camera. Its voice search feature lets you search the web by speaking into your iPhone, while it’s “My Location” feature shows you customized results, such as weather, based on where you are.

The iPhone offers convenience, technology and accessibility all rolled into one very portable package, making it the ideal device for both leisure and business users.

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