One of the most successful genres of gaming that you would find among the iPhone users are the racing games. Also among the racing games the car racing games are really loved and appreciated by a large set of iPhone users. Some come with the simulation techniques that make you feel like you are actually driving the car in the game.

The iPhone App store offers much more than the traditionally popular car racing games these days. For the people who have an appetite for car racing games these kind of game are new ways to enjoy some real time car-racing games. This is a list of car racing games for iPhone:

1. 8 Bit Rally

8 Bit Rally for iphone

You might remember the car racing games like Pole Position or Rad Racer. 8 Bit Rally pays a kid of tribute to games like that. It has simple graphics and you can feel the gaming in the classical way. It’s a good racing game with upgraded cars and money with wins. Nice option for the modern gamers as well.

2. DrawRace 2

DrawRace 2 is a cool car racing game for the iPhone users. In this game the players have to draw lines around the racing tracks. The player’s speed depends upon the factor how fast he/she draws the line. Turbo boost adds much excitement in this game. You can enjoy another feature that is known as asynchronous online multiplayer.

3. Ferrari GT: Evolution

This game is presented in the market by Gameloft, Ferrari GT: Evolution gives you access to 33 beautiful Ferraris. It has great visuals and is structured too well as a game. On iPhone this kind of a game can be a great addiction. Go for this one for getting the pleasure of car racing game on your beautiful device.

4. Fastlane Street Racing

This is a one step upgraded car racing game for the iPhone of course. Fastlane Street Racing will be wonderful for the gamers that love challenges in racing gaming. The player has to use the accelerometer controls. With awesome looking visuals this gives a speeding satisfaction to everyone who plays this game.

5. Fast & Furious 5: The Game

This game if offered by the I-play for the iPhone gamers. The game is actually based on the movie with the same name starring Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. One nice feature of this game is that you can play and share your race on YouTube. The game comes with this function itself. So if you play nice then you can make your competitors feel jealous for sure.

6. Cubed Rally Racer

When you play Cubed Rally Racer on your iPhone then you must finish the race without running out of the fuel. The tracks of the game have random segments. Thus with the passage of time players learn navigation and they adapt to courses as well. One can play this racing car game in different modes.

7. Snail Mail

A very fast game that has been packed in 50 different levels by the Sandlot Games, Snail Game is one of the very best racing car games that you must have on your iPhone. It feels like an high-action game with its graphics and the gameplay.

8. Reckless Getaway

Reckless Getaway involves controlling a getaway car while at the same time not getting caught by the cops and taking head on with everyone who comes in the way. As you destroy more cars, you collect coins and gain points. Big vehicles are also available for the gamers who like to have no mercy.

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