If you are iPhone owner and love to try new apps on your iPhone, then this article is surely going to catch your attention. As you know the iPhone is known for wide range of apps in its official app store iTunes. Did you ever wonder that out of this huge no. of apps, Which Are The Best Apps? Well, you must be. So now I am going to end your curiosity as in this article I am listing the 5 best iPhone apps. So let’s have a look at it.

This awesome apps convert your iPhone into a virtual designing assistant. You can use this app to get the ideas about the best designs for your doors and windows. You just need to take the pictures of your doors and windows by using the camera of your iPhone. The app will then suggest you the best deigns for both the inner and outer side of your doors and windows. You are free to choose from 50 resizable photos of Marvin windows and doors and applying on the pictures of your doors and windows. If you like any particular design then you can save the photo with that design, share with your friends and can also send to local Marvin dealer and can apply the design practically.

2. Twitter

Twitter is a popular website in the social media and so their official iOS app is rocking in the iTunes. The official Twitter app allows you to make the best use of Twitter while on the move. You can send messages, check news feed, reply to others and can retweet as well. For all the Twitter addicted people, this is the must have app for their iPhone.

3. Instagram

Instagram is a popular image editing service that has been acquired by Facebook recently. This app comes with many effects that you can use on your pictures to make them more attractive. The best effect that you get with this awesome app is the Retro Camera app which gives your photos a look of old times. After applying this effect on your picture, it seems that as the picture was taken in 1960-70’s. There are more interesting effects that you can use to change the look of your photos.

4 Evernote

This app converts your iPhone into a virtual notepad. You can insert any information in your iPhone using this app. While entering any text information, your iPhone becomes a virtual notebook and your finger does the work of pen. To ease the task of information entering voice recording feature is also a part of this app.

5. IM+

This is awesome instant messenger that should be installed on your iPhone if you love instant messaging with your friends. The app comes with the support of Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM, Facebook. So you can chat with your friends from the different sites, from the single place.

All the apps are very good in features and undoubtedly deserve the proud tag of ‘Best Apps For iPhone. Give them a try and share your experience with us in the comments below.

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