6 Top Android Apps

Many people love using Android smartphones and tablets because these devices are highly customizable, one of the top reasons that so many users choose devices that are powered by the Android operating system. Most of this customization is through the applications users download to their devices.

There are many applications available for Android smartphones and devices, and these can be downloaded from many sources. There are applications for almost everything and anything, it seems. Some apps are great, some are good for you, and others are just awful, however. The following 6 Android apps may be just the app for you, making these top apps you should consider for your Android today.

1) Dropbox

A top Android productivity app, Dropbox has become a necessity for many. Quickly evolving into the standard for file sharing, several organizations and individuals absolutely love Dropbox. A cloud storage service that comes with a lot of free storage, Dropbox allows users to upload or view files including documents and photos nearly anywhere after a user has downloaded this powerful, top app.


2.) Evernote

Even though there are already a lot of apps for note taking, none of them are really like Evernote. A different kind of app, this application lets an Android user take, keep, and share their notes anywhere and everywhere with an Android smartphone or tablet, including audio recordings and pictures. Users upload their notes to a central storage in the cloud. Users can then gain access to their notes anytime and anywhere from their smartphones, tablets, or from a home or office computer. Evernote offers much more flexibly and convenience than any other note app.

3.) Lookout Security and Antivirus

Android smartphones and tablets are computers, and like any computer, these devices are susceptible to malware and viruses. These threats are why security software is necessary for your Android smartphone or tablet. There are many security applications available for your Android smartphone or tablet, and Lookout Security and Antivirus is known as one of the best. The most basic version, while still feature-rich, is a free security suite. Users can purchase a premium version which is packed with more features and greater functionality to keep Android smartphones and tablets even safer.

4.) Dolphin Browser HD

Every Android smartphone and tablet comes loaded with a browser, but there are several alternative browser selections. Often, users find these alternative browsers to be ideal.  Many browsers have received good reviews, but Dolphin Browser HD has gotten some of the best buzz. A great, easy to use browser, Dolphin Browser is very customizable. With many custom themes, add-ons and more, this browser is ideal for many.

5.) Pudding Camera.

This fun photography application comes loaded with lots of great filters and effects. The Pudding Camera app is easy to use with many features and a simple visual interface made up of thumbnails and icons. The photos that users edit with this app are rendered in full resolution, as opposed to the smaller image sized that many other photo apps produce; users can then share full size images with friends and family.

6.) mSecure Password Manager

A password manager and digital wallet, mSecure boast more security made simple. This app helps to safeguard login credentials, account information, and financial details in the event of loss or theft. A new Android app, this security application uses ultra-secure encryption to keep an Android device safe. This is a great application to help keep devices safer and even more secure.

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