Real Robots-Advances in Modern Robotics

It is truly amazing how modern technology has advanced at an almost alarming rate over the past ten years. One area in which it has advanced is robotics. There are now many uses for robotics within industry today and likely their involvement within industry will increase ever more as we continue to advance robotic capabilities in the near future.

industrial robot

Robotics Used Within Industry

Robots are used heavily in the automotive industry. They are mainly used on car assembly lines in order to join pieces of metal safely and securely. Being as robotic arms are extremely strong and durable they are able to piece together metal a lot quicker and faster than a human could.

Such jobs not only free up more workers to concentrate on other tasks but incorporating robots into the engineering process may also act as a safety precaution –  a robot piecing together heavy metal instead of a human ensures that heavy metal sheets do not fall onto a person leaving them badly injured.

Robots are also used in the welding industry in a very large capacity. Robots can be used for whole welding processes such as arc welding within the automotive industry. Robots can control a welding positioner and other welding equipment to a very precise level in order to get a quality, high standard finish every time. Using a robot in such processes also keeps humans out of harms way from complicated and potentially hazardous welding operations.

Robots used by NASA

Robots have also helped us as humans to discover parts of the galaxy and space that we would never have otherwise been able to explore. Famously, robots have been sent out to land on the surface of other planets and take pictures, collect rock samples and perform other operations that would not be possible for humans.

Nasa robot

The Future of Robotics

Many people fear that as robots continue to advance that they would soon replace the need for human workers at all. This however will never be the case – humans will always be needed to control the robots and to handle more manual processes that would be impossible for robots to do. Although robots can performs mindless operations once they have been programmed to do so it is not possible for robotic components to think for themselves.

Future of Robotics

In fact, instead of replacing human beings it is often the case that robots can work along with us in order to save more lives. For instance, robots are used by the military for a number of purposes that may be too difficult for humans. Robots can approach suspected bombs to disarm them or to take pictures so that humans have a better understanding of how to disarm them. Robots can also detect mines where humans cannot and can seek out human heat signatures in a building.

As technology in the field of robotics advances it is clear that humans will find new uses for robots that enable them to work alongside humans to help us achieve our goals, discover new and exciting planets and they may also help to save lives.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Westermans International.

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