Best Construction iPhone Apps for 2012

One of the best ways to stay in the know and easily manage productivity on a jobsite as a construction foreman, is to have your smartphone by your side. A wide range of construction, building, and civil engineering apps have been introduced to the market to help store job data, plan construction projects, and even provide up-to-date information about the use of construction materials.

Consider these helpful construction iPhone apps to better plan and manage your next construction project:


The Skype smartphone app doesn’t just help business professionals. As a construction worker, it can be a primary communication tool that will serve you well if you are constantly on the go or out of office on a jobsite. What better way to meet with potential clients than through a handy app like Skype that will allow you to conduct meetings, interviews, and business video chats on your cell phone?

construction iPhone apps

Furthermore, Skype charges only $2.95 a month for unlimited calls to cell phones, land lines, and smart phones; the service is free when calling other Skype users. Skype has most recently upgraded to anti-shake video chat on the iPhone to ensure that any face-to-face call that is placed is smooth and clear, over both 3G and Wi-Fi.

Drainage Calculations

This iPhone app is only $3.99 and will help you perform quick drainage calculations for channels and pipes on the job. To calculate channel flow, the Discharge Approximate Free-Board or Rectangular, Trapezoidal, and V-Ditch Sections will be tabulated; to calculate pipe flow, Discharge, Pipe Size, and Wet Perimeter will be tallied.

Keep in mind that this app is best used by construction foremen who are already well-versed in the above calculations; if drainage calculations are unfamiliar to you, it will be difficult to use this app.

Concrete Calculator Pro:

This iPhone app is only $.99 and will allow you to accurately calculate your concrete needs with verified, tested formulas. This is a top app to have on hand for anyone in the construction industry; it has the capability to calculate the amount of cubic yards of concrete needed within a square or rectangular form, as well as within a sona tube or circular form.

Additionally, you can calculate the exterior footing of a project by inputting the perimeter, width, and depth of the area.


This $2.99 iPhone app can be used to calculate voltage drop, delta star transformation, star delta transformation, Ohm’s law resistance, and capacitance in both parallel and serial.

The app will provide a number of solutions for the most commonly used formulas in electrical engineering and can be used to ensure advanced safety when dealing with any electrical configurations on the jobsite.

It’s not a surprise that 72% of small businesses use their mobile apps for business purposes. However, construction owners can also use their smartphones to help them be faster and more efficient on the jobsite.

Whether you download apps for the purpose of improved client communication or to quickly calculate accurate measurements and formulas, the above apps will certainly make your next construction job easier.

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