6 Tools That Will Help You Measure Your Social Media Influence

Social media sites and Social media Updates have taken the entire world by storm. Many Internet leaders, marketers and business owners are left with a host of questions about how to make sense out of the exciting world of social media and how it is influenced on various levels. Here are six tools that will help you measure your social media influence.

1. Klout: 
This is one of the more common tools that are available. Its mission is to find out who has the most influence on the web, what topics concern them and how much influence they really do have. Klout follows activity on 10 different social media sites. It provides social media sites with details on a number of influential areas. It lists overall influence, the influence level of an audience, the likelihood of action and the true reach of a page. The best thing about Klout is that it digs into what kinds of influencers people are and what their movements on social media look like.

2. Twylah: 
Twylah may not be the best known tool on the web, but it is one of the favorites and is highly effective. It enables content to be added to tweets and creates an entire experience that is centered around this social media. Twylah is interesting because it offers topical buckets that are perfect for containing the most influential tweets in easy to access areas. These buckets can be clicked to see more information on the topic. The analytics behind Twylah are based on the engagement that is received and the importance among followers.

3. Twenty Feet:  
The good thing about his tool is that it provides a graphic view of influence on the different social media sites. It offers an economical way to track Twitter and Facebook accounts. This tool monitors an account and keeps up with performance by measuring conversations, influence and reputation. Twenty Feet is devoted to helping people track their own influence, and this is one of the only negative aspects about the tool. It is useful though, and one of the great features is that Twenty Feet will send an e-mail if there is a change in normal activity.

4. Peer Index:  

Social Media
This tool may not be as catchy as the other ones, but it does help you understand the topics that you and others are most influential about. The good thing about the Peer Index is that their analytics are often highly accurate and help to show different spheres of influence on social media sites. The cool thing about Peer Index is that it provides a list of others who are influential on the same topic. This tool may not be the most insightful, but it does offer solid analytics and helps show who is influential on certain topics.

5. SproutSocial:  
This tool is not designed to track social influence; it is a monitoring tool that is designed to watch social media sites. Business owners will appreciate the fact that SproutSocial makes it easy to open several accounts. There is a centralized control unit that makes it a breeze to navigate between the various accounts. A weekly score card makes it easy to track new followers, engagement levels and mentions. SproutSocial is not so much a tool for tracking influence. It is a great choice to manage the full array of social media.

6. CrowdBooster:
This tool allows users to analyze their tweets. This makes it easy to see which were successful and which ended as failures. It also makes it easy for you to see who has the biggest influence on you by looking at their tweet activities. CrowdBooster offers a chance to generate reports that are based on Excel and PDF formats. This is a promising tool that provides plenty of different analytics and ensures that social media enthusiasts will be able to see where their influence lies and how to improve it. They can do this by finding the best time to tweet among other things.


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