5 Easily Avoidable Business Blogging Mistakes

When you are a business owner running your own blog, there are a lot of things you can do to maximize the blogging experience and significantly improve the impact you have on your consumers. However there are also many mistakes that you can make that can negatively impact your business. There are five principle mistakes that you need to avoid in order to maximize the effectiveness of your business?s blog.

1. Inaccurate Information ? One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to insert inaccurate or outdated information in your blog. Perhaps you had a recent event in your business (product launch) and you inserted the name of a previous product.

Although a simple mistake, it could spell disaster. Your readers will start to research the product and when they find out it is the wrong product, there can be serious consequences. Perhaps your next product launch is in 5 days and you unfortunately say four. People will perceive a delayed launch when they find out you gave the wrong date and this can make them angry

2. Spelling and/or Grammar Mistakes ? Quite possibly the worst mistake anyone can make, professional or not, is to have spelling and/or grammar mistakes in their blog. Unfortunately for businesses, the impact is quite severe.

When a normal blogger makes such a mistake, it may only be considered a small error. However, when a business blog is found to contain errors, the business will seem unprofessional. If you have a high profile business, the negative impact can prove to be problematic

3. Too Casual ? Business blogs are supposed to utilize a professional vocabulary while maintaining a casual tone. However, a big mistake is to be too casual in your tone of writing. You need to connect with your consumers on a personal level while still being professional. This is imperative if you wish to have a ?business? blog

4. Writing on and on ? It has been shows that only 16% of blog readers actually read the whole blog. What most people care about is a structured blog that is incredibly easy to read and has key information highlighted

5. Use an Extensively Complex Vocabulary ? Blog readers want to read a blog without having to open a dictionary. If they have to open a dictionary even once, the reader will not read the rest of your blog. Always keep a blog simple as you are writing for a large audience; not just college professors

Always remember the basics. Your business blog is, in its simplest form, a blog. You need to be slightly casual and communicate your thoughts to your customers. Use proper grammar and spelling, accurate information, a casual yet professional tone and most importantly, keep it short.

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