3 SEO Tips for Getting Higher Google Page Rank

Getting good and quality traffic to your website is all about adding good value to people’s lives. However, before you can be able to get good traffic to your website, you need to leverage google search engine for your website to get good visitors. I have been blogging for a while now and I know what it takes to get my website in front of search engine searchers. The first experience I have learnt about SEO when I first started to do SEO for my niche blogs, Procomputertech and LatestTopJobs is that; to get better traffic on your website, you need to have good search engine presence.

google page rank
google page rank

Search engine presence in this sense means, your website have to come up in several searches on Google and other search engines when people are making query for information that pertain to what you are blogging about on your website. If you want to make money from your website, the best investment that you’ll profit from at the end is to invest your time and efforts in making your website search engine friendly.

Before we continue, I will like to explain what a Google Page rank is all about because it is the theme of this article. Google page rank is the system, which Google puts in place to rank and authorize websites according to their importance to its search engine visitors (those who are conducting researches on its search platform).

Google, as a search provider, does not want to mislead people to a fake website (websites that does not have the content people are searching for).And for Google to avoid this; they created PageRank system to assign with page authority according to the type of contents of each website.

In addition to that, Google does not use contents alone to rank website for better search authority, website internal and external links is among the factors which Google is using to rank websites.

In this article are steps to follow in order to make your website get higher google page rank for more traffic.

Share Quality Contents on Your Blog

The type of contents you are sharing on your website matters. If you do not write quality contents on your website, google can penalize your website and that can affect your search engine placement.

Before you publish a blog post, make sure that you make use of online plagiarism checker to check if one or two phrases inside the article exist somewhere else on the web or not – to avoid plagiarism.

These days, guest posting is now the big deal! Everyday people are now writing for other blogs to improve their search authorities for better link backs and most of these people normally spin articles to use for guest posts. Before you publish a guest post on your site, make sure that you scan it very well to know if it is does not exists somewhere else (plagiarism-wise).

Post Frequently and Make Your Post Longer as Possible

Write as many time as possible on your blog. Your site must have new contents every day.

Interlink Your Blog Posts

Apart from making your website have good external linking structure through guest posting and building of backlinks, also make sure that you have good record of internal links. Do not link to website that Google sees as content damps or link farm sites.

I believe with these tips, you should be able to increase your blog’s page rank in the next page rank update without hassle.

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