5 Great Reasons Why You must upgrade to Windows 8?

With the Windows 8 developers preview version available for download the last year, all Windows enthusiasts installed it to their system to have a first-hand experience of the OS before it is officially available. One major change which people found when they loaded the new Windows 8 OS was that they were greeted by a new UI known as ‘Metro’ instead of the usual Windows desktop screen. However this was no surprise as already there was news that the new Windows OS will be developed keeping the tablet PCs in mind. Let us now check some reasons why you should discard your old window 7 or any OS you have and go for the Windows 8.

windows 8
windows 8
  1. Picture Passwords

Tablets usually lack keyboards and typing on them is not easy. Hence Windows came up with an optional picture passwords wherein you can select any picture in your hard drive and using certain pre-determined gestures like- drawing a circle, making a line etc. you can log into your system.

  1. Refresh OS

When we install or uninstall applications, there are certain files which are left over which as time passes by clutter on and decrease the performance of the computer. In order to keep your computer in the best shape, it is hence recommended that you reinstall the OS in regular intervals. However installing an OS is quite a hectic task and requires great deal of knowledge on computers. The Windows 8 however solves this problem with its Reset and Refresh option. (Like Mobile phones) So whenever you feel your system is going slow, backup your important data and click ‘Reset’.

  1. Easy installation

The windows 8 will not require a bootable CD/DVD to install and you can just install the OS in any computer using your pen-drive. This also means that you can carry your OS wherever you want and install in the PC you are working with to get the familiar feeling anywhere you work.

  1. Touch screen operation

Windows 8 is especially designed keeping touch screen devices in mind. Hence if you own one of those touch screen monitors, then Windows 8 will provide a much better and smoother experience. With applications specially meant for touch screen devices, you can increase your productivity using the Windows 8 OS.

  1. Software compatibility

The best feature about Windows 8 is that all the applications and games which currently run on Windows 7 or Vista will be able to run in the new Windows 8 too. Hence there won’t be much problem regarding installing applications/games which you currently use. Also the Windows 8 OS will be able to run new applications including apps meant to be used for the ‘Metro’.

The Windows 8 has got positive feedback from people- both newbies and experienced techies and has been praised for the new concept and looks. So regardless of your device- tablet or OC, Windows 8 has got lots of features and applications in store for you.

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